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Q: What is the Arabic word for mother?
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How do you spell mother in Arabic?

If I am reading the question right, you are asking for the Arabic word for "mother" translated into English. The answer, therefore, would be "mother". If you mean, what is the Arabic word for "mother", it is "waleda" (والدة).

What is the Egyptian word for mother?

Note that egyptians talk Arabic, so the Arabic word of mother would do, yea they have their own accent and words but they still use same Arabic words That's not an answer. The Arabic/Egyptian word for mother is Ummi (my mother), pronounced Ommee, or to just say mom is Omm. My father is Abbi, pronounced Abee or just Ab for dad. Cleo

What is kosomak mean?

Its an Arabic word means your mother's vagina .. very offensive

What is the Arabic word for Uncle?

father's brother : 'amm عمّ mother's brother : khaal خال

What does Kissimmee mean in Arabic?

The literal translation "the vagina of my mother" or "my mother's vagina" but in reality it means "f**k my mother"

What is the Arabic word for cars?

The Arabic word for 'cars' is saiarat and the Arabic spelling is سيارات.

What is the Arabic word for malls?

the arabic word for mall is veishnou

What is the Arabic word for bread?

the Arabic word for bread is khubz.

What is the word for digging in Arabic?

The word for digging in arabic is حفر

What is the Arabic word for maize?

The Arabic word for maize is 'الذرة'

What is the Arabic word for central?

The Arabic word for central is مركزي

What is the Arabic word for metal?

The Arabic word for metal is معدن