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Q: What is the Axle ratio of 1991 buick regal?
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What is the total fluid capacity for the trans-axle in a 1999 Buick Regal?

4.7 quarts

What are the torque specs for 2001 buick regal front hub axle nut and what size is the nut?


How do you remove the axel joints on a 84 buick regal?

is this rear wheel drive? RWD's don't have AXLE "joints"

What rear end gears come stock on a 2000 dodge ram 1500 sport?

These were the options in 2000: [DMC]=Axle Ratio - 3.21 [DMD]=Axle Ratio 3.55 [DMF]=Axle Ratio 4.10 [DMH]=Axle Ratio 3.92 These were the options in 2000: [DMC]=Axle Ratio - 3.21 [DMD]=Axle Ratio 3.55 [DMF]=Axle Ratio 4.10 [DMH]=Axle Ratio 3.92

How do you replace front axle on 2001 Buick Lesabre?

Replace axle on 2001 buick Lesabre

What is the stock gear ratio for a 1991 mustang gt with an automatic?

I believe that is 2.73 ( axle code " M " )

what is axle ratio?

what is rear end axle ratio

How can you find the gear ratio of a 1988 G20 three quarter ton 5.7?

Check the SPID in your glove box. one of the G** Codes will be the rearend ratio G80 means you have a locking(posi) Rearend. GU2 AXLE REAR , 2.73 RATIO GU4 AXLE REAR , 3.08 RATIO GU5 AXLE REAR , 3.23 RATIO GU6 AXLE REAR , 3.42 RATIO GU7 AXLE REAR , 2.77 RATIO GU8 AXLE REAR , 3.90 RATIO GT2 AXLE REAR , 4.77 RATIO GT3 AXLE REAR , 4.55 RATIO GT4 AXLE REAR , 3.73 RATIO GT5 AXLE REAR , 4.10 RATIO Anything else, let me know, I'll look it up. (cortex454 at gmail dot com

What is the gear ratio for 2000 Chevrolet Silverado?

Depends on each individual truck. Look in your glovebox....there is a label from the factory with parts codes on it. The one with G refers to your gear ratio/ ring & pinion. GQ1 -- AXLE REAR, STD RATIO GT4 -- AXLE REAR, 3.73 RATIO GT5 -- AXLE REAR, 4.10 RATIO GU4 -- AXLE REAR, 3.08 RATIO GU5 -- AXLE REAR, 3.23 RATIO GU6 -- AXLE REAR, 3.42 RATIO G80 -- AXLE REAR, LIMITED SLIP (POSITRACTION)

How do you determine the rear axle ratio for a 2004 ford ranger?

I believe the axle code is listed on a sticker on the end of the drivers door The axle code will correspond to an axle ratio Once a person knows the axle code , the ratio can be looked up

Why does buick regal right turn clicking noise replaced cv axle bearing cannot duplicate noise on lift?

Did you replace the CV joint itself? If the boot is torn then that is your problem.

How does rear axle ratio affect gas mileage?

the lower your rear axle ratio, the worse your mileage.

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