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is this rear wheel drive? RWD's don't have AXLE "joints"

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โˆ™ 2008-04-10 01:53:01
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Q: How do you remove the axel joints on a 84 buick regal?
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How do you remove a Ford Drive axel?

how do you remove the axel after taking out an alternator

What year did VW Beetle change from swing axel to CV joints?


What joints are used when doing an axel in figure skating?

Elbow, shoulder, hips, knees and ankle

How do you remove hub bearing on 1996 jeep Cherokee sport 4.0L?

there are 3 13mm bolts behind rotor assem. remove brake cylinder rotor look for bolts in between upper lower ball joints near front axel

How do you get the rea rend gears out of the diff box?

depends on type but generally you remove cover ,remove pin locking bolt 5/16" or 8mm ,remove spider pin then push axel inward ,remove "c" clip from axel then pull axel out this allows you to remove gear ball caps and remove gear ball, then pinon comes out through back

How do you repair the hub bearing on a 1999 Buick Lesabre Custom?

Hey Jennifer==TAke the wheel,caliper and rotor off then take the nut off of the axel. Then remove the 4 bolts that hold the bearing assy on and remove it and install a new one. GoodluckJoe

How do take off the front axles on an Eclipse?

u need to jack up put on stands.remove tires.remove nut on tie rod ends n remove from hub,remove lower ball joints from hub.remove center nut on axel n carfully push through hub then use pry bar n pop back side axel out of transmission.

How do you remove the automatic hubs on a 1990 suburban?

That is just a figure of speech,( automatic hubs) on a 1990 model 4x4. There are no hubs to remove, It has a 1/2 shaft with CV joints-- AXEL SHAFT, And when ingaged in 4-wheel drive it locks the ring and pinion in instead of lock-outs, There is nothing to remove.

How do you remove axle shaft onb daewoo cielo?

how do i remove the axel shaft off the daewoo cielo

Why does your Chevy suburban shake in 4 wheel drive?

You did not say what year it was, and that makes a difference. But you can check these things--- U-joints in front drive shaft, Front CV joints and axel shafts.

Have a 89 Chevrolet 4x4 trying to get the axle out how do you go about it?

If its the rear axel you have to take off the rear end cover. Turn the gear assembly until you see the bottom of a round pin. I goes all the way through so you may have to look at both ends but one end will have a bolt coming in from the side. Remove that bolt and slide the pin out. Once the pin it out you can push in the axel a little more and then remove the C clip that retains the axel. Depending on the position of the clip when you push in the axel the clip may fall off. You should be looking at the end of the axel when you push it in to see if it fell off or you have to remove it. The easiest way to remove it is to use a magnet. Once off the axel will slide right out. Reverse the direction to install.If its the front axel you will have to remove the wheel, take off the axel nut, take off the brake caliper, support the lower control arm with blocks of wood or a jack stand. You will need to put the weight of the vehicle pushing down on the control arm to keep the spring in place. remove the upper ball joint nut and separate the knuckle from the ball joint. Next go in to the other side of the axel and remove the bolts around the flange on the center section. The axel with some bending and turning should come out.If the axel in the front is a solid straight axel like the rear just use the same directions as the rear.

How do you change a cv joint on a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse?

beleave it or not its cheaper to buy the axel than jusy the cvjoint, its not that hards to replace an axel, you need to remove the tire on that side, you will see a big nut in the center of the wheel that is your axel nut take the nut loose then you will need a hammer drive the axel thru until it is free, then you will see your strut theres 2bolts running thru the strut remove the 2 bolts after removeing the bolts from the stut pull down on the spendel and release the axel after the axel is free from the spendel grab the axel and pull it out of the trasmision not sometimes it can be hard but it will come so don't be worred and to replace the axel do everthing in revers.note after replaceing the axel the car has to be lined up you can call the parts store and they can tell you how tight the axel nut has to be. i hope this will help you

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