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pso̱mí is the greek word for bread

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Q: What is the Biblical Greek word for bread?
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What is the Greek word for Joshua?

The Biblical Greek for Joshua is the same as the word for Jesus: Iesous

What is the Biblical Greek word for Sunday?

Greek word for Sunday, Κυριακή, is derived from Κύριος (Lord).

What is the Greek word for good?

Greek for good is "kalA" - the emphasis is on the last syllable. The koine (biblical) Greek word for good is "kalos"

Was bread always called bread?

No, the word bread has only been around since about 950 AD, but bread was not new even in biblical times.

What is the biblical Greek word for service?

If you mean the ceremony of relιgious worship according to a prescribed form, then the greek word is "λειτουργία" (leeturgheea).

What is the greek word for bread?

The Greek word for "Cookie" is "κουλουράκι".

What does the Greek word Hal's mean?

In biblical Koine Greek, the word "hals" (pronounced "halce") means salt, or sea salt. The modern Greek word for salt is "aláti". The word "hals" can be found in the original greek texts of the Christian New Testament.

What is the greek word for father?

Father in Modern Greek is πατέρας [pateras]Father in Ancient and Biblical Greek is πατηρ [patēr]

What does the greek word artoklasia mean?

“breaking of bread”.Artoclasia is Compound word fromartosmeaning regular bread made with yeast, andklasismeaning breaking.

What is another word for church in Hebrew and Greek?

The New Testament Greek word for church transliterated into English as ecclesia and is sometimes used by churches in their names.There is no biblical Hebrew equivalent, as the word "church" is not used in the Hebrew Bible, but there is a modern Hebrew word: k'nessiya (כנסיה)

What does petronella mean according to the bible?

There is no reference to the word petronella in KJV biblical text. You may want to look that word up in a Greek dictionary to see what it means, however it has no biblical significance.

What is the name of the bread that the greek people eat?

greek bread