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To participate in the Eucharist, you must be a confirmed Catholic who is in a state of grace (i.e., who has not committed a mortal sin since the last confession). If you are not Catholic, it is permissible to attend mass, but not partake of the Eucharist.

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Q: What is the Catholic law concerning participation at Mass on Sunday?
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Do you have to attend Mass to be a real Catholic?

A Catholic by faith should at least attend the Sunday mass - The Sabbath day.

What is the third reading in Catholic Sunday Mass?

The third reading is always the Gospel on a Sunday or Solemnity.

Where can one watch the Catholic Mass online?

Catholic Mass can be seen on The Daily Mass, Catholic TV, Sjccdalton, The Sunday Mass, and Saint Mary of Angels. Some of the sites have a daily Mass and others have selected services.

Can going to mass on Friday as a catholic make up for going Sunday?


What is the most popular thing to do after catholic mass?

On Sunday it is coffee and donuts

Can a Sunday catholic mass begin on Saturday before 3 pm?


Is Vigil Saturday Catholic?

Catholic Church usually have a Vigil Mass on Saturday evening which satisfied their Sabbath duty to hear Mass on Sunday.

Are you only suppose to go to Mass on Saturday night if there is no way to get to Mass on Sunday?

.Catholic AnswerYes, a Catholic is required to attend Mass each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. The Church has tried to make this easier by supplying a Sunday (or Holy Day) Mass on the evening preceding, thus Sunday Mass is celebrated in most Churches starting on Saturday evening and this fulfills your obligation.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Catholic?

Yes. He goes to Mass any Sunday he can along with his family, who are also Catholic.

Can attendance at a Lutheran confirmation be used as a Roman Catholics Sun Mass obligation?

Absolutely not. Catholics are required to attend Sunday Mass at a Roman Catholic Church. Absolutely not. Catholics are required to attend Sunday Mass at a Roman Catholic Church.

Does attending a Catholic wedding Mass on Saturday fulfill the Sunday obligation?

A wedding Mass does not normally cover the following Sunday's obligation. The exception would be if it was an evening Mass and the Mass celebrated was the Sunday Mass prayers and readings, you would need to check with your pastor.

What is the religion of Denise laurel?

catholic and sings at times for sunday evening Mass

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