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What is the Chinese lion dance?

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When is the Chinese lion dance used?

This dance is used in festivities, for example Weddings or the Chinese New Year.

What kind of dances do Chinese people dance?

Traditional Chinese dances include the Dragon Dance, Dunhuang Dance, Er-ren Zhuan, the Lion Dance, and the Yangge.

What is meant by the term lion dance?

In Chinese and Indonesian culture a Lion Dance is a popular event. Often mistakenly referred to as a Dragon Dance the Lion dance is performed by two people whose faces are hidden from view by the Lion costume. The movement of a Lion is mimicked and fused with martial art style expressions. They are most usually seen at Chinese New Year festivals and in a growing competitive context.

What did the Chinese people do for entertainment?

i don't know the only one i know is the lion dance

Why are dragons in Chinese New Year?

I am in lion dance a traditional Chinese culture. They are not dragons they are lions. Once the lions perform their dance they have blessed your business and your business will have good luck.

When was the Chinese lion dance created?

That depends on what which form of lion dance you are talking about? Northern or Southern. As a whole it is believed to have been as early as the Han Dynasty, but flourished during the Tang Dynasty. The southern cantonese lion is a product of the ching dynasty during the 1800s.

Why do lions dance in the Chinese New Year parade?

They do, as a sign of the great lion Roadnan (pronounced Row-ad-nan)

What are the types of Chinese dance?

what are some types of Chinese dance

What is a foo lion?

a foo lion is a Chinese guardian lion

Are there any dances that take part at Chinese New Year?

yes there are many like ..... 1: Belle dance 2: lion dance 3: dragon dance that's all..................... i hope u got Ur answer.... thanks.

Why do the Chinese do dragon dancing at new year?

Well, as far as I know, it's lion dance, maybe dragon dance is a variation…Here's a wikipedia link to it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_dance

What is a Chinese fan dance?

What is the origin of Chinese Fan Dance? Waht is its meaning

Where are Chinese dance recitals held?

Chinese dance recitals are held at the CAAM Chinese Dance Theater which is located in Saint Paul Minnesota. This establishment has been dedicated to Chinese heritage.

Were soes a shih tzu get its name from?

Shih Tzu is the Chinese word for lion. These are Chinese "lion dogs".

What is the lantern dance?

a dance that the chinese did with lanterns

Chinese meaning for the word lion?

in Chinese lion is 狮子(shi1 zi), it is a symbol of strength and power.

What is the purpose of having lion dance during Chinese New Year?

The origin of the Lion Dance at Chinese New Year is thought to have started through a legend handed down through the generations. According to the legend a mythical beast called a Nian (meaning year in Chinese) would come and attack villagers at the same time every year. The villagers asked for the help of a great colourful lion spirit, who came and drove the Nian away with much noise. The following year the people were left defenseless as the lion was away defending the Emperor's Palace. The people improvised and created a false lion out of cloth and bamboo along with noisy firecrackers to drive the Nian away. This was so successful that every year since then the lion dance is performed to frighten away evil spirits and bring luck in with the New Year.

Why do the Chinese people do a dragon dance?

The Chinese perform the dragon dance because it is a tradition(usually during Chinese new year). It is said that the dragon dance can scare evil spirits away.

What is Chinese dance?

it is a dance that teaches us the culture of Chinese. We also learnt to be flexible. Chinese dance is also something like ballet and gymnastics. SEE ALSO GYMNASTICS OR BALLET. by faith

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lion Dance - 2013?

The cast of The Lion Dance - 2013 includes: Noboru Ishigaki Ado Kumaoka

What is the popular entertainment in China?

The popular entertainment in China is the Lion Dance, Ribbon Dance, and Dragon Dance.

What is Chinese fan dance?

The Chinese fan dance is a traditional dance which has been part of the heritage of China. It is a folk dance in ancient form that is usually performed during cultural celebrations.

Chinese word for lion?

The Chinese characters for lion is 狮子, pronounced 'shi zi'. It is a symbol of strength and power. Hope this helps.

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