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What is the Chinese word for love?


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The Chinese word for love is "ai" (爱 ). Say it with emphasis to make it sound Chinese.

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the word for love in Chinese is ài (爱)

Chinese Text: 爱 or [ài] Is the chinese word for 'love'. *This also sounds very similar to the japanese word for love [ài] also.

Word Love in Chinese is written as 愛 you can also like in Chinese 喜歡

Shēng ài nǐi think it is....I love you:Chinese Pinyin: wo3 ai4 ni3

爱 it sounds like the word "eye"

"Ai". As in "eye" "Wo ai ni" means "I love you"

the one on her upper back is the Chinese symbol for the word LOVE

you say "wo ai ni (woh-ay-nee). This meen I love you in mandarin.

'Wo I Ni' is the Chinese of 'I Love You'

Love in Chinese is 爱. pronounced as i. the english alphabet i.

i love u in Chinese is; Wo ai ni

To the Chinese, 9 is close to a word that means'long - lasting'. To the Japanese 9 is sounds like a word that 'suffering'.

In Chinese, "I love you" is: Wo (I) Ai (love) Ni (you) Wo ai ni.

爱 - love in mandarin Chinese it is pronounced as : ai in cantonese Chinese it is pronounced as : oi

the chinese word is ping guo

Kyuuketsuki is the Chinese word for vampire.

the Chinese word for little is chjiow

In Chinese, the word for "dragon" is "lóng".

The Chinese word for violin is "Xiǎotíqín".

the Chinese word for heaven or sky is tian. the Chinese word for heaven or sky is tian.

Simplified Chinese: 爱 Traditional Chinese: 愛 Pinyin Symbol: ài It sounds like the English word 'eye', that is if you say it in Mandarin. In Cantonese, you would pronounce it as 'oi'.

To say ''love'' in Chinese you say Ai, but you say it as eye or I. To translate any further more languages, type in Google Translate and click on the very first link that shows up.

wǒ ài nǐ  我 爱 你 The first chinese character means "I" in Chinese the second Chinese character means "LOVE" in Chinese The third Chinese character means "You" in Chinese

cha is the Chinese word for search

The word Chinese is a proper noun and is capitalized.

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