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The Christmas SpiritIf you ask 10 people what the Christmas spirit is, you'll probably get 7 to 8 different answers. Going beyond those different answers, there is something, the Christmas spirit, that makes people more selfless, more friendly, more kind, and generally much nicer people at Christmas. Unfortunately, due to commercialism and other factors, it seems like the transformation the Christmas spirit brought about in years passed has lessened more and more.
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Q: What is the Christmas spirit?
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Is Santa the spirit of Christmas?

yes he is a spirit of Christmas

When was In the Christmas Spirit created?

In the Christmas Spirit was created in 1966.

Who is the spirit who never speaks in A Christmas Carol?

spirit of Christmas future

When was The Christmas Spirit created?

The Christmas Spirit was created in 1963-11.

Who were the three spirits coming to scrooge that Marley sent a Christmas carol?

The three spirits were the Spirit of Christmas Past, the Spirit of Christmas Present, and the Spirit of Christmas Future.

What are the ghosts that visited Scrooge called?

Jacob MarleyThe Spirit of Christmas PastThe Spirit of Christmas PresentThe Spirit of Christmas yet to come

How did the Spirit of Christmas future appear to Scrooge?

The Spirit of Christmas future appeared out of know where because Spirit of Christmas future was basically a ghost

What are the name of the three spirits that visited Ebenezer Scrooge?

The spirit of Christmas past, the spirit of Christmas present and the spirit of Christmas yet to come

When was Christmas Spirit created?

Christmas Spirit was created on 1994-10-04.

What is the spirits' names in the movie version of A Christmas Carol?

The three spirits are the Ghost (or Spirit) of Christmas Past, Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Present, and the Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Future (or Ghost/Spirit of Things (Yet) to Come).

Who was the first spirit in a christmas carol?

The ghost of Christmas past was the first spirit to visit scrooge in a Christmas carol.

Why does Marley appear to Scrooge?

to give Scrooge a vision of what was to come. 3 spirits. Spirit of Christmas Past, Spirit of Christmas Present, & Spirit of Christmas future.

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