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What is the Coldest mountain in the world?


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March 01, 2010 5:07AM

Vinson Massif in Antarctica is the coldest mountain in the world with a record temperature of −128.6 °F

The temperature you cite is for Vostok not Vinson Massif. Vostok is a weather station located on a high point of the pleateau, around 3400 meters. There is little chance that Vinson Massif has the coldest weather in Antarctica. Due to temparture inversion it is unlikely Vinson Massif has weather colder than -70 on a regular basis.

The usual contenders for coldest mountain are the very northern peaks of Denali and Mount Logan, both of which have non official lowest temperatures measured near -100 F.

However, looking at weather forecasts now available on the internet, K2 appears to be about as cold or perhaps even colder than Denali, with estimated temperatures falling to -60 (-80) on a regular basis during the coldest months. Meanwhile, Pobeda Peak in the Tien Shan (which while only 7400 meters high is much further north than K2 and has been regularly reported to have temperatures near -40 in the summer).