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What is the Cordillera in Canada?

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the cordillera in Canada is a region in Canada it covers the whole Yukon territory and the whole of British Colombia and is located left from the interior plain.

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Which ecozones in Canada are mountainous?

There are 5 ecozones that are mountainous Arctic Cordillera, Boreal Cordillera, Taiga Cordillera, Pacific Maritime, and Montane Cordillera.

How do people transport goods from the cordillera region of Canada?

Currently, trucks are used to transport goods in and out of the cordillera region of Canada.

What is the population of the western cordillera?

The population of the Western Cordillera region (Canada) is approximately 220,000.

Is the cordillera found in central Canada?

No, it's found in West Canada.

What is the youngest landform in Canada?

Western Cordillera

What cities are in the Cordillera Canada region?

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What is the second biggest region in Canada?


What are the characteristics of Cordillera Canada?

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What is the physical region furthest west in Canada?

The Cordillera.

How much does western cordillera cover Canada?

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Food in the cordillera region Canada?

good food

What is the area of the western cordillera in Canada?

1,000,000 km2

What is the youngest landform region in Canada?

innuitians or western cordillera

What are two physical regions of Canada?

Cordillera, Appalachian Region,

What is the population in the cordillera that is in Canada?

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What are some landmarks in the cordillera region in Canada?

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What physical region touches the pacific ocean in Canada?

The Cordillera.

What are the vegetation of the cordillera region of Canada?

old groth forestes

What are the provinces in cordillera Canada?

there is British Columbia, Alberta, Victoria

What are the major cities in cordillera Canada?

Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, and others.

What are the physical regions of western Canada?

Interior Plains, Cordillera, Canadian Shield

The western cordillera along the pacific coast of Canada has?

Was Largely Shaped by Glaciers.

What are the body's of water in the cordillera region in Canada?

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What birds live in the cordillera region of Canada?

blue jay and common raven

Facts about the cordillera region?

it is in Canada. the Canada Rockies are part of this region. There are many different and interesting occupations in the Cordillera region. Some major occupations are forestry and mining. These occupations provide the people with money, houses, and wood.