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Thank you in Danish is tak
Thank you is "tak" - more closely to thanks.

Please is "behage" as in "to please".

If you wanted to say "would you please..." it comes out something like "would you be so good as to..." spoken "vaer sa god at".

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How do say thank you in Danish?

"Tak" is the danish for thank you. "mange tak" means thank you very much.

Thank you in Danish and Swedish?

Danish - Thank you - Mange tak Swedish - Thank you - tack så mycket

What is the origin of ta meaning thank you?

The English slang word 'ta' came from the Danish word for thank you, 'tak.' At some point, the 'k' was dropped and became 'ta.'

What is the Danish word for road?

The Danish word for road is vej.

What is the Danish word for white?

Hvid is the Danish word for white.

What is the danish word for accountant?

The danish word for accountant is revisor

What is the danish word for king?

The Danish word for King is also King

How do you pronounce the danish word veranderen?

That word is NOT Danish - probably Dutch.

What does tanya mean in danish?

It is not a danish word.

What is thank you in danish?

Tak = Thanks Mange tak = Thanks a lot Tak skal du have <> Thank you

What is Danish is he or she?

If you mean; what is the danish word for he and she, it is: he = han she = hun

How do you say ice in Danish?

is is the Danish word for ice

Thank you very much in danish?

Mange tak [marne tark]

How to say Welcome to in Danish?

"Velkommen" Is the Danish word for Welcome(:

How do you say freedom in Danish?

Frihed is the Danish word for freedom

What is the Danish word mew in English?

That is not a word. It is the name for a danish rock-based band though.

What is the word 'Danish' when translated from English to Arabic?

Danish = دنماركية (female) or دنماركي (male)

How does Scandinavia say thank you?

In Danish: Tak In Norwegian: Takk In Swedish: Tack

is ta a word?

No, "ta" does not appear in any official English dictionaries because it is not a word. "Ta" is used as a short version of the word "Thanks". It looks like it came from English, but it's actually from the Danish word "Tak" meaning "Thank you".

What is the proper noun for danish?

The proper noun is Danish, a word for the people of Denmark or the language of Denmark. The word Danish is also the proper adjective to describe a noun as of or from Denmark.

How do you pronounce vogterhaus in danish?

Not a danish word.It sound kinda German though.

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