What is the Derivation for one two three etc in Tamil?

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Onru(Tamil) = One(English) . It is derived as follows: Onnu (come together) --> Onru (one) Similary the following derivations: Ir (divide) --> Irandu (two) [That is, two is obtained by dividing one.] mun(break/destroy) --> moonu (three,colloq.) --> moonru (three) [Three is obtained by further dividing two.] aal (every thing) --> naalu (four, colloq.) --> nangu (four). [Four is obtained by putting everything together.] Iye (high) --> Iyndhu (Five, a large value) ar (split) --> aaru (six) [Six is obtained by further splitting five.] E (high) --> Elu (seven, old Tamil ) --> Ezhu (seven) [ A large value] ot (end) --> attu(terminate) --> ettu (eight) [The ultimate value] othu (enough ) --> pathu (enogh) --> paththu (ten) [Enough, no more] OL (break) + pathu(ten) --> On-pathu (nine ) [Not enough] nira (full) --> nooru (hundred) Aye (high) --> Aayiram (Thousand) [a large value] kodu(terminate) --> kodi( Ten million) [The end of all numbers,that is, the ultimate.] ------------------
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What is the one the two and the three on a basketball court?

Answer . I don't know if this is what you mean, but the positions are numbered as follows..The Point Guard is one, the Shooting Guard is two, the Small Forward is three, the Power Forward is the four and the Center is the five.

What is the Latin number for 12 e.g. One is uni two is bi three is tri four is quad five is quint six is sex seven is sept eight is oct... etc.?

one = unus. two = duo (not bi, that is from bis = double). three = tres. four = quattuor. five = quinque. six = sex. seven = septem. eight = octo. nine = novem. ten = decem. eleven = undecim. twelve = duodecim. thirteen = tredecim. When used as a prefix in an English word duodecim becom ( Full Answer )

Derive the three equations of motion?

FIRST EQUATION OF MOTION . a=(v-u)/t. at = v-u. => v-u = at. => v= u + at (1). This is Newton's First equation of motion. As you can you see, we can use this equation to calculate the velocity of a body which underwent an acceleration of a m/s for a time period of t seconds, provided we know the ( Full Answer )

Three derivatives of Bchamel Sauce?

I don't know what you mean by derivatives...bechamel sauce can be used in so many ways, and also modified in so many ways. I use to add grated parmesan to the besciamella I make to cover the salmon trout fillets that I cook in the oven. You can add spinach and have a spinach cream as a dish side ( Full Answer )

What is two and three fourths times one and one half?

Sixty-Six Sixteenths, ( 66 / 16 ), or Thirty-three eighths. But you really shouldn't be searching you maths homework into Wiki answers. First you convert it all to Quarters (not fourths) So you have eleven quarters and six quarters then times the top bits together and the bottom bits together.

Is Tamil derived from any other languages?

Definitely not ! . It has been gradually made by the ancient common people; then, it has got its letters and literature by the scholars of its own. No one language was there during that ancient period. Archeologist believe that it may be at the period of 50,000 BC. . So many evidents and literatur ( Full Answer )

What is three and three fifths plus two one tenth?

its uhm . . . 5... NO! 2... yea i like it it 2 .2......................................................................................................................................................................................................2 :p so 3 3/5 + 2 1/10 = 3 6/10 + 2 1/10 = 5 7/10 ( Full Answer )

Do gerbils live in ones twos or threes?

Type your answer here... They usually live in two or more. You could have one alone but he'd probably be very lonely and end up getting depressed so it's not really a good idea. Gerbils are very social animals, so they need to be around others.

What is one and two thirds times one and three quarters?

To do the multiplication, in cases like this, it is easiest to convert both fractions to improper fractions: (1 2/3) x (1 3/4) = (5/3) x (7/4). Now multiply the numerators and the denominators.

Was sanskrit derived from Tamil?

Tamil is said to be older than Sanskrit. But they both have their own grammar. so they are not derived or influenced by each other.

What is three and one tenth minus two and one fifth?

3 and 1/10 - 2 and 1/5 change to improper fractions as difficulty with negative numbers can be avoided by just changing the 1/10 and 1/5 fractions to common denominator. 31/10 - 11/5 change denominator to common 10 31/10 - 22/10 = 9/10

What is three and one third from two and two fifths?

3 and one 3rds or 10/3 from 2 and 2 5ths or 12/5 12/5 -10/3 1. first find the least common multiple, in this case 15. 2. multiply 12/5 * 3/3 to get 36/15 3. multiply 10/3 by 5/5 to get 50/15 4. subtract 36 - 50 = -14 5. answer is -14/50 6. reduce to -7/25 = Final answer

How is water derived from two gases?

When two or more elements are combined to make a compound, water, the new compound can have completely new properties(water is a liquid at room temperature ,while hydrogen and oxygen (elements in the water) are both gases at room temperature),or they can have similar properties to their elements

Is Telugu derived from Tamil?

Both languages are very similar, and Tamil is the older language so there is a very strong possibility that Telugu was derived from Tamil.

What is three and one third minus two and three fourths?

First of all make it an improper fraction. Three and one third would be the same as 10/3. Two and three fourths is the same as writing 11/4. The next stage is to make both of the denominators common. The lowest common multiple of 3 and 4 is 12. Therefore your improper fractions become 40/12 a ( Full Answer )

What are the titles of three Tamil movies?

Tamil movies are made in India in the Tamil language. Three of the most recent Tamil movies are Alex Pandian, Vishwaroopam, and Karen Adhi Hoo which was a huge hit.

Who directed the movie One Two Three?

That depends on which movie you are talking about, the 1961 American comedy was directed by Billy Wilder whilst the 2008 Bollywood film was directed by Ashwani Dhir.

What is the answer in three and one-half divided by two and one-third?

3 1 / 2 / 2 1 / 3 = (7/2) / (7/3) = (7/2)*(3/7) = 3/2 or 1 1 / 2 3 1 / 2 / 2 1 / 3 = (7/2) / (7/3) = (7/2)*(3/7) = 3/2 or 1 1 / 2 3 1 / 2 / 2 1 / 3 = (7/2) / (7/3) = (7/2)*(3/7) = 3/2 or 1 1 / 2 3 1 / 2 / 2 1 / 3 = (7/2) / (7/3) = (7/2)*(3/7) = 3/2 or 1 1 / 2

A mule is derived from what two species?

A mule is derived from the horse and donkey species. Mules can be different sizes usually light or medium weight but some are of a heavier weight more like a horse.

What is the Hebrew word for one two three?

one = echad (אחד) or achat (אחת) two = shnayim (שניים) or shtayim (שתיים) three = shlosha (שלושה) or shalosh (שלוש) The first word in each line is masculine and the second isfeminine. Typically, if a person is counting abstr ( Full Answer )

What is one and three fourths plus two and two thirds?

make thirds and fourths the same by making them twelfths 1.3/4 = 7/4 then x 3/3 = 21/12 2.2/3 = 8/3 then x 4/4 = 32/12 Answer: 21/12 + 32/12 = 53/12 or 4 and 5/12 four and five twelfths 4.416667