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As a metric of network performance, Ping, also known as Network Latency, is a measurement of the time that it take for a small message (or a "Ping") to be sent from your computer to another computer on the internet, then returned back to you. Ping is typically measured in milliseconds. Low numeric results or a "Low Ping" is desirable for good network performance over a "High Ping".

Ping is also the name of of command-line command that can be typed to initiate a "ping" and measure the time that it takes for the message be returned to your computer.

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Q: What is the Difference between Ping and latency?
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What is the difference between high latency and low latency?

high latency means you have a good connection, low latency means you have a baad connection

What kind of response will I get back from a ping?

The response to a ping is a pong, and allows the computer to determine how long of a delay, known as latency, that is between itself and the destination.

What does the ping mean in Warcraft 3?

1. Ping is a location of a marked area that has a "ping" sound on the map. 2. Ping is a common term online for latency (or how good your connection is).

What is the difference between latency and jitter?

I am not very sure of the whole thing, but Latency is your response time, how long it takes for information to travel from you to a server, and Jitter is the difference between your highest and shortest round trip, so how consistent your internet is

Write difference in the form of a table between Ping and Trace Route command?

Write difference in the form of a table between Ping and Trace Route command?

What is the difference between reliability and latency?

reliability is how long the connection is available such as up time latency is how busy the connection is and how long it takes for data to come and go from the network

How does ping work?

In Internet terminology, a ping is a short packet of data sent in two directions. The time it takes for the information to return is known as latency.

How do you lower my latency in counter strike?

There are many solutions in lowering latency (or lag) in Counter-Strike. You can lower the graphics, ensure that your computer is not doing a scan of any kind, find servers with a low ping (or latency), or get a new computer.

What is syntax of ping?

ms it takes for 32 bytes of data to travel from one location to another, aka latency

What is difference between ping command and telnet command?

* ping only check connectivity, whereas telnet is remote access * ping does not need password while telnet does * ping is lay2-3 and telnet is lay7

What is the difference between high bandwidth and low bandwidth?

The biggest difference between high and low bandwidth is latency. The lower the bandwidth the more time the computer spends trying to download the data.

Is there a difference between ping pong and table tennis?

They are two different names for the same thing.

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