What is the Distance from toilet to front wall?


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If you are asking how far the drain is from the wall behind the toilet, it is 12 inches from the center of the drain to the wall behind the toilet.

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12 inches from finished back wall to center of toilet flange.

The 2003 International Plumbing Code calls for a minimum of 15" clearance from the center of the water closet (toilet) to the nearest side wall or other fixture and 21" clearance from the front of the bowl to the closest wall or fixture.

According to the 2006 International Plumbing Code, the following are the minimum dimentions for setting a toilet: From rear wall to center of drain line = 12 1/2 inches min. (General Standard Not Code) From side wall or side cabinet to center of drain or centerline of toilet = 15 inches min. From front of toilet to front wall or cabinet = 21 inches min. From front of toilet to Toilet dispenser = 7 to 9 inches. I hope you find this usefull. Terry

12 inches from the center of the drain to the back wall behind the tank. Some toilets are 10" rough in. Also should be 18" from side wall to center of toilet if possible.

Depends on how much my husband has been drinking

21" minimum clearance in front of toilets, urinals, lavs and bidets.

12 inches standard, 10 & 14 works, need to specify 10,12, or 14 when buying toilet.

There really does not... it depends on the type and size of the toilet, but as a rule of thumb that size covers most toilets, and is a comfortable distance to work for most situations.

you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange. you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange.

The toilet flange is installed 12" from the FINISHED wall surface to the center of the flange, and 16" (residential), or 18" from the finished wall to center of the flange in commercial,or wheelchair accessible applications.

Code minimum 15" to center of toilet from side wall.

When ever I used install a toilet roll holder on a job; I would 1 sit down on the toilet. 2 Reach over to the most convenient wall surface about next to my knee. Mark the wall and place the toilet roll holder in that position. I have never had a complaint.

A standard toilet roughs in at 12" from the wall.

You can build a platform to raise the toilet enough to connect to it or get a wall mount toilet and frame a wall to hang it from.

Back wall behind the toilet. 12 inches from the finished wall to the center of the drain. Side spacing is personal preference.

Just put it wherever is most accessible and convenient. There is no set distance.

12 inches from the finished wall to the centre of the hole. If drywall is not on the wall yet, make it 12 1/2 inches from the wood wall! Minimum 16 inches from each side wall, I'd recommend a minimum of 18 inches!

residential you can go from center of toilet to wall is 16" min commercial is from center to toilet to wall is 18" min If you are plumbing in a residential building and are a bigger person who is claustrophobic then if possible put it at 18" we always try to make the toilet center to the wall 18" in residential and commercial because everyone will be happier.

A wall mounted toilet is installed in two ways. Either it hangs on brackets which have been bolted into the wall or the actual pan itself is bolted into the wall. Connecting the waste is quite tricky and requires a jolly flex, this is plumbing pipe which is flexible and which can be stretched or squashed and is ideal for when installing a wall mounted toilet.

Your toilet should be roughed in from finished wall to centre of outlet flange at 12 inches. This will keep the tank on most models about one inch from the wall.

Not very big. But I found a wall hung toilet that was about 5 feet long.

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