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What is the English to Gaelic translation for finger food?

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"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

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What is the Luhya translation of food?

The Luhya translation of the English word food is "Efiakhulia".

Translation of food from Spanish to English?

In spanish, the word food is comida

What is the French translation of the English phrase 'finger food'?

Amuse-bouche or amuse-gueule may be French equivalents of the English phrase "finger food."Specifically, the present imperative verb amuse is the same in English as in French. The feminine nouns bouche and gueule both mean "mouth" although the second word is more colloquial than the first. The pronunciations will be "ah-myooz boosh" and "ah-myooz ghuhl" in French.

What is 'finger food' when translated from English to Italian?

Stuzzichini is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "finger food." The masculine plural noun also translates as "canapés" and "snacks" in English. The pronunciation will be "STOOT-tsee-KEE-nee" in Pisan Italian.

What is the English translation for avez vous à prendre votre nourriture?

"do you have to take your food / bring your food?"

How do you say food in Gaelic?

(Scottish) Gaelic is biadh; Irish is bia.

What is the English translation of the word 'remolacha'?

Remolacha is a word unknown to those not familiar with the Spanish Language. The English translation of the word is beet, which is a plant used as a source of food for both humans and livestock.

What is Irish Gaelic for Food?

Food is "beatha" or "bia".

What is English translation of Tamil word padaithavan?

creater,(to create) ; who offer food to God ; maker ; inventer

Maori name for kitchen?

Whare Kai - food house. Kaauta - counter (from which food was served) Kiihini - kitchen (literal translation from english)

What is Gaelic for good food?

In Irish: bia maith.In Scottish Gaelic: biadh math.

How do you spell the finger food or' devere?

The spelling is hors d'oeuvre (English singular), plural hors d'oeuvres (from French).

What is a simple finger food to serve at a party?

A Simple finger food to serve in at a party can be Raw lasagna rolls, it can also be mini corn dog muffins. Finger food is a small, fancy food, that is served before the main food.

Are porkchops a finger food?

If you chop off a finger while chopping the pork, it might become food.

What is 'bel cibo' in English?

Great food is the English equivalent of 'bel cibo'. In the word by word translation, the adjective 'bel' means 'beautiful, handsome'. The masculine gender noun 'cibo' means 'food'.

What is the Italian translation of the English word 'food'?

Cibo is an Italian equivalent of the English word "food".Specifically, the word is a masculine noun in its singular form. It may be preceded by the masculine singular definite article il ("the"). The pronunciation will be "TCEE-bo" in Italian.

What are the best finger food gags for partys?

You may find the best finger food gags for parties by doing a search for finger food gags at the many recipe websites. You may also find recipes for finger foods by asking a local caterer.

How do you say junk food in French?

There is no real translation for junk food in French. That would be called 'nourriture de basse qualité', but the usage is often to adopt the English expressions 'junk food' or even 'fast food'.

Were to find time saving finger food recipes?

There are many websites that list all kinds of quick finger food recipes. Here is one that lists almost 1000 of them. http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Course/Finger-Foods/Quick-Finger-Food-Recipes

Good eating in Gaelic?

Bain sult as!Another answerBain sult as do chuid. Enjoy your food. This is Irish Gaelic.

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'beautiful food'?

Bel cibo is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "beautiful food".Specifically, the masculine adjective bel means "beautiful". The masculine noun cibo translates as "food". The pronunciation will be "bel TCHEE-bo" in Italian.

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