What is the English translation of the French phrase 'l'emploi de base et les emplois secondaires'?

"Primary sector job and secondary (sector) jobs" -- in other words, jobs (working) with raw materials and jobs in industry -- is one English equivalent of the French phrase l'emploi de base et les emploi secondaires.

Specifically, the masculine singular definite article le* is "the." The masculine noun emploi means "employment, job." The preposition de means "of." The feminine noun base literally means "base, basis, bottom, cornerstone, lower part." The conjunction et means "and." The masculine plural definite article les means "the." The masculine noun emplois means "jobs." The feminine/masculine adjective secondaires translates as "secondary."

The pronunciation will be "law-plwah duh bah-zey ley-zaw-plwah suh-goh-dehr" in French.