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February 17, 2012 7:40PM

Evolution is a scientific concept put forward by Charles Darwin that all the species of animale have originated from a common ancestor and changed over time to the present situation. Evolution is the changing of a specie to a new form with cross breeding and mutations. There are different theories of the Evolution. Servival of the Fittest is one theory. It says that in the Evolution, the species that fitted the nature best; servided to make new species through mutation and cross breeding. Natural Selection the other most important theory says that better qualities of a specie goes to the next generation and the species becomes better over time. It is so simple that the human kind have evolved through time. Now we have the Internet, TV, Trains, Aeroplanes. Things people lived centuries ago never could imagine. It is the evotution of mankind. If you look at some very old botanical directory and compare with the plants at this time, you will notice small changes happened through the time.