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Clarendon Bold is the font used in the Wells Fargo logo.


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The Logo is used to identify the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to show a subject of public interest. The meaning of the logo is to help the reader identify the organization.

The WikiAnswers logo font is called ElDorado, bold.

The font that is used in the NCAA logo is called Aquarius No. 8. This font is one that has to be purchased, and does not come pre-installed as a font. This font closely resembles that font that is used on the Twitter website.

Wells Fargo has always been called Wells Fargo. They acquired Wachovia Bank in 2008 in an estimated $15.1 billion deal. Wachovia is now considered a division of Wells Fargo.

It is most likely a custom font.

The font I found is called Impact.

The type of font used in the Moodle software logo is a wide sans-serif font. More specifically, it is a free font known as Soul Papa.

The font that is used for the Synovus Bank logo is Carter One. This type of font is found on Microsoft Word and on Open Office programs.Ê

The font which is used for the Annie musical logo is called Goudy Heavyface. This font can be downloaded for free through many online locations.

Yes. Wachovia used to be and when Wells Fargo bought them, they started staying open too.

Yes, I would like to know the font used in the logo Peugeot manufactured in Argentina

The font used is Adobe Garamond Italic and Regular.

It's an altered version of the font 'Akbar'

There is no specific font that is used at Dunkn Donuts. The Dunkin Donuts logo is a customized font created specifically for the company.

The tax ID number for Wells Fargo is NMLSR ID 399801. This number is to be used on your tax return if you currently are an employee of Wells Fargo.

It's Not Really A Font. Spyro's Logo Was Drawn By Hand And Published On Computer. :D

The font that is used for the California Angels' logo is called Varsity font. The team has had several different logos over the course of their history.

Avon has not made publicly known which particular font was used for the creation of their logo. It seems likely that they had a graphic designer create it and the font is not one that is publicly available.

I'm pretty sure they draw the font themselves.

Franklin Gothic - Demi Compressed is the closest to the font used in the MLB logo, but the logo has a few customizations to the font to make it a one and only.

The word Zumba in the logo is a font type called Fleche-Heavy.

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