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pronounced O-meed (long O as in "home")

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Q: What is the Farsi word for hope?
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What does the farsi word fabha mean in English?

this word is not Farsi.

What is the Farsi word for Persian?

If you mean the language it is Farsi

What is Persian word for Thieves?

Persians speak Farsi and the Farsi word for thief is: زد

Translate kami in farsi?

the farsi word kami means, " a little"

What does diams mean in farsi?

It doesn't have a meaning in Farsi,It's not a word.

What is the Spanish word for Farsi?

Farsi (language) = el Persa, el Farsi, el idioma Persa

What means in farsi the word khoda?

The meaning of Farsi of the word Khoda is may the almighty God be our protector.

What does June mean in Farsi?

June has no meaning in Farsi. Only Farsi names have meaning in Farsi. However, June is very close to the Farsi word جن (Jinn) which means Jinn or Elf.

How do you write the basic word for peace in Farsi Gaelic and Thai?

In Farsi solh صلح

What is the farsi word for honor?


What is Farsi word for apple?


How do you say teacher in farsi?

The word teacher in farsi sounds like 'mow-uh-limb.'

What is the Persian word for hello?

Salam.SalamThe Iranian language is farsi, Persian is the same as farsi.

What is the Farsi word for taboos?

It is the same word: Taboo (تابوى)

What is the Farsi word for Goddess?

elaahe الهه

What is the word for kiss in farsi?

boos بوس

What is the meaning of Farsi word Hast?

It means "is".

What is the Farsi translation for the word Iran?


Helicopter in farsi?

چرخبال, Pronounced Charkh-Ball, is the official Farsi word for it but almost everyone calls it helicopter in Iran.

What does the Farsi word shenidam mean?

It means "I have heard (it)"

What does the Farsi word khoda mean?

God. Allah.

What is the farsi word how do address a woman?

Khanum خانوم

Another term for food in other language?

In Iran, people speak Farsi. Food in Farsi is "ghazaa". (Say: gha-zaa). I hope this helps!

What does toshak mean?

A Toshak is a Farsi word that means mattress.

What is the farsi word for 'together'?

boham means together