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What is the Firing order ford 2.5 engine?


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What is the timing and firing order of a 2001 Ford Ranger 2.5 intercooler

Click the link for a diagram.


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If it has a Continental F163 engine, it's 1-3-4-2. Most four cylinder engines use that firing order. Remove the spark plugs and turn the engine over, feeling for the compression stroke on each cylinder, and you can determine the firing order on anything.

your plug wires are hooked up in the incorrect fireing order that or else you have BIG issues. i don't remember the firing order but i have the Hayes manuel in the garage but i am way too lazy to walk the extra 25 feet.

the firing order for 3.1 is 14 63 25 this is the coil firing order which starts from leftto rightfacing the front of the car the firing order for the motor is 123456 starting in the back of the motor leftside when your facing the front of the car 1 3 5 in the back 2 4 6 in the front

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I have same. firing order is 123456. *cylinder #s(drivebelt end to transaxle end) rear bank 135 front bank(radiator side)246 *coil terminal connection 14 63 25 *spark plug gap 0.045in

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Your distributor cap has a rotation and a firing order and so does your engine. On your diagram it will show a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and a firing order. As long as the distributor as not be removed and installed out-of-time, this should be straight forward. Find #1 on the cap according to your diagram and route your wire to the #1 cylinder; then go to the next one. If your diagram does not show this, get a more detailed diagram. I have been in this business over 25 years and I am not afraid to ask another person with more experience to help me when need be. If you still have problems take your diagram and go to your local trusted garage and ask the service man to help you. They will.

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If oil is full then recheck your firing order on the spark plug wires to make sure that you put the wires back on in the proper firing order.

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