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For 90 degree fittings divide the diameter by 2 then add quotion to original diameter

for 45 degree fittings multiply .625 X the diameter on 3r 45's multiply .625X diameter then X 2

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Q: What is the Formula for pipe fitting take off?
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What is the take off formula off 45 degree elbow pipe?

The take off formula of a 45 degree elbow pipe, will depend on what the pipe is on. Sometimes a 45 degree pipe will need a 90 degree right angle turn to come off.

What is the Formula for pipe fitting take off for 45degree fittings?

There is no one formula for fitting take offs. The general rule used for gal and black malleable fittings is on a center to center measurement to take off the ID of the pipe you are using on each end of the pipe. Example if center to center measurement is 10 feet between a 1 inch tee and a 1 inch 90 ell. The end to end measurement would be minus 2 inches for a total of 9 foot 10 inches. If you are a industrial pipe fitter there is a pipe fitters blue book that covers all this and a lot more,but the formula we use is take the size of the fitting and break it down 4 times add the second and forth dimension together and there's your take off,ex. 10 inch 45 degree carbon steel would be like this,,,,,10-5- 2.5-11/4=6 1/4 take out.......

How do you work out x dimensions?

measure the length of the fitting first. Then insert pipe into fitting and mark a line on pipe. measure that bit of pipe. deduct off the length of fitting and half it to give you your x dimension

What is the cut off measurement of a 90 degree pipe fitting?

pipe size(inch)x38.1

Is there a fitting off the stove to the stove pipe?

Depends on the stove, but usually not

What an 8 inch 90 degree pipe fitting take off when rolled 45 degrees?

90 degree angle rolled on a 45

What is takeoff for pipe?

Take Off's are meant for what is the take off of a 10'' 90.that would be 15''.a standard long radius 90 will be one and half times the diameter of the pipe.8'' would be 12''a short radius fitting would be different.the system this is it= works well.

What are the tools needed for pipe take off?

pipe rench

What is a fitting take-off?

Fitting take off is looking at plans and seeing how many valves ,tees ,and other fittings are needed for the proper installation

What does take off of pipe mean?


How do you remove a Broken off PVC pipe from metal fitting when glued?

A broken PVC pipe that is glued to a metal fitting might be removed by applying heat to the PVC pipe. Heat should not be from an open flame, but a heat gun to prevent fire from the glue burning.

Can a freezing pipe cause a compression valve to slip off the end of a copper pipe?

If that's where the freezing occurred and the compression fitting wasn't tight enough.

What is branch in plumbing?

Where a single pipe tees off into 2 or 3 other pipes, like a Y fitting, a T fitting or a Double T or a Double Y

What is the take off for a six pipe?


What is Pipe Fitting End Caps and who manufactures it?

Pipe Fitting End Caps are pushed to connect and are also the easiest way to cap off pipelines. They are used for pressure testing, stub outs, and can be installed on both wet or dry pipes. The pipe fitting that covers the end of a pipe is called end cap pipe fitting. Western Steel Agency is one of the most leading Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Suppliers in India. We have manufactured with precision and high-quality raw materials. Pipe Fittings are designed to be welded on-site at their end to link pipes together and allow for changes in path. Steel Pipe Fitting products are designed and developed in accordance with international quality standards. Learn more about Pipe Fittings Manufacturer

What is take off measurement for 90 degree 8 inch pipe?

The take-off for a standard radius 90 is one and one half the diameter of the pipe. Example: 6 inch 90 has a take- off of 9 inches. The take-off for short radius 90 would be the dia. of the pipe. Long radius 90 is 2 times the pipe diameter.

What is the take off for a six pipe spool?


How do you remove male pipe threads broken off on the inside of a female pipe fitting?

Use a pair of plyers and two small pieces of cork to grab the threaded pipe while you rotate the female fitting. Also, if you don't need the threaded piece anymore, you can use a whole cork inserted into the threaded pipe with a bit of apoxy or super glue.

What is the take off of pipe fittings for 30 degree elbow?

A pipe wrench works best.

What is the take off for a six inch pipe?

Three inches

What is the Take off measurements for 90 degree pipe fittings?

The take off for 90 degree pipe fittings is size of 90 plus half example 8" 90 8+4= is 12" take off 10" 90 10+5= 15" take off

What is take off for 18 inch 45 degree fitting?

11 1/4"

What is the take off for a 10 inch 67 degree fitting?

9 15/16"

Take off sizes for pipe fabrication?

There is actually no question here

What is the take off for an 8-inch pipe?

4 5/16