What is the French's favorite drink?

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Very probable - cognac.
Also: calvados, armagnac, champagne, pastis, absynthe, wine, beers

The French, collectively, probably drink more water than anything else.
Wine and Champagne
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What is a horse's favorite drink?

Humorous Answer Lemon-neighed! Factual Answer Horses like water, but have been known to drink all kinds of things, ranging from Koolaid to beer and rum.

What was anne franks favorite drink?

It was noted in Anne Frank's diary that her favorite drink wasmilk. However, due to having to hide, she did not get to enjoy itmuch.

What is Nick Jonas favorite drink?

Coce Cola ZERO (for diabetics) *I Know because It's my favorite Cola, not because I'm a diabetic or because I like Nick Jonas, It's my favorite, because It's so light (more than Coca Cola Light). It's perfect for party (:

What is Miley Cyrus' favorite drink?

\n . Strawberry milk and Snapple . Strawberry F&N Miley Cyrus's favourite drink is Coffee She drinks a lot of Coke but her favourite drink is blue Gatorade . Miley loves lemonade and orange juice According to one Miley Cyrus fan site, her favorite drink is Fuse. She also likes Snapple and c ( Full Answer )

What is mileys favorite drink?

Mileyâ??s favorite drink is coffee especially Starbucksâ?? Snappleand caramel latte. She drinks a lot of beverages like coke but shelike blue Gatorade most.

What is Selena gomez's favorite drink?

Selena Gomez's Favourite drink is actually dandelion and burdock! Top 3 drinks! 1. Dandelion and Burdock 2. Pepsi Max 3. Tea! I belive her favorite drink is... um... I think it's... um... sprite, maybe. Serria Mist or rootbear. her fav drink is water

What is Queen Elizabeths favorite drink?

The Queen's favorite drink is a form of dubonnet cocktail.. one part Gin and three parts dubonnet, served in her personal crystal glass with a pitless slice of lemon under two ice cubes.

Mileys favorite drink?

I think you are ask for Miley CYRUS's favorite drink. I hate her so much. . According to one Miley Cyrus fan site, her favorite drink is Fuse. She also likes Snapple and caramel lattes from Starbucks. Strawberry smoothie miley cyrus' favorite drink is sprite.

What is nicks jonas's favorite drink?

His favourite drinks are Diet Coca-Cola, Diet Dr. Pepper, and 7-11's Slurpees. If you go to: http://www.tv.com/nick-Jonas/person/575566/biography.HTML you can find out what he likes/dislikes, facts, pics, hobbies, cologne, height and a bunch of other stuff. p.s. all I had to do to get thi ( Full Answer )

What is Ryan ross favorite drink?

He recently did an interview where he mentioned really liking pina coladas, but he said he can't drink very many because they're like a meal.

What is Jesse McCartney's favorite drink?

Jesse McCartney likes banana and strawberry daiquiri's. He alsolikes strawberry milkshakes. Jesse McCartney's favorite song is,All the Things She Said by T.A.T.U.

What is Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite drink?

He had a few favorites. Chambertin was his favorite wine, Courvoisier was said to be his favorite congac or brandy, and he once that "In victory you deserve champagne, in defeat you need it."

Walt Disney's favorite drink?

Walt Disney's favorite drink is not known. However, some of hisfavorite foods included hamburgers, fried potatoes, macaroni andcheese, and chicken livers.

What is Bill Clinton's favorite drink?

I don't think anyone knows except him himself. If i had to guess i would say coffee or tea because it contains caffeine and presidents need to be alert.

What is mouses favorite drink?

well for my mice when i give them water some times not all the time i put in a drop of cranberry juice :P. or you could alwyas try other fruit juices

Audrey hepburn's favorite drink?

audreys favorite drink was scotch, after 6 of course. and just as much as a finger length in the glass.. love..

What is your favorite sports drink?

I like Gatorade[which isn't that healthy].Source of energy.Energy drinks affect you.Cells get out of ur body.So yeah,gatorade

What is John Adams favorite drink?

I'm trying to find out too and I know it says in David McCullough's Biography of him but I can't remember what it was. I remember it was something that not many people liked and he developed the habit of drinking it while studying at Harvard. I'll have to search the book. . I think it was apple cid ( Full Answer )

What is the french's favorite dessert?

Well I'm french and I speak french fluently and I should say that everyone has different tastes in food. just like Americans, there really is no specific desert french people like the most but as long as it's good, we go fine with it!

What is Adam Lambert's favorite drink?

Well, Adam Lambert's fav wine is Chianti Update: I have not heard the wine mentioned before, but in London in 2010 interview he said it was Jameson Irish Whisky on the rocks or just with a little soda. It is known that he likes vodka and in Details Magazine interview he said "Favorite Cocktail: Ke ( Full Answer )

What is randy ortons favorite drink?

yes he does drink water i am not sure if he does drink water I like water and junk food and candy and chocalate bars and playing basketball and play games.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite drink?

According to multiple fan sites for Justin Bieber, his favorite drink is orange juice . JB's (aka Justin bieber) favourite drink is redbull. jb drinks redbull at least 3 times a day and he says he loves it

What is Chile favorite drink?

Popular drinks in Chile include soft drinks and freshly squeezedjuices. Other drinks include beer, wine and other types of liquor.

What is Megan Foxs favorite drink?

she love Perrier water and Fiji water. Perrier water is from France. Megan Fox totally loves the things she gets in cases

What is the favorite eat and drink of a fairy?

I think their favorites foods are fruits but then again they also like sweet and sugary things so they would also like small cakes. Their favorites drinks might be (if they make them), fruit juices or smoothie's, either that or I would think they would drink milk or water, seeing as it is more natur ( Full Answer )

What is SpongeBob's favorite drink?

Spongebob's favorite drink is chocolate milk. In every season, he says at least once, "I'm the king of diary drinks!"

What is jordin Spark favorite drink?

alright for you crazed fans i got some reserach she said to Miami press that her favorite drink is pepsi she said she loves it and coca cola is to strong for her but in the morning she has a nice cold glass of orange juice after on coca cola she drinks water at night.............

What is waynes favorite drink?

He used to be 'addicted' (he said he wasn't addicted or anything, but he drunk it so much it hurt his stomach and stuff) to cough syrup.. he liked it A LOT. i don't know if he still drinks the stuff.. probably

What is a vampire's favorite drink?

Blood, but we are not allowed to feed off humans anymore. Instead, we drink red wine and rose tea in it's place.

What is Aruba's favorite drink?

Balashi beer is Aruba's favorite drink. Specifically, the national beer is brewed on the island in a state-of-the-art facility built in 1998 for about U.S. $12 million. Balashi is deeply golden brown with light foam. The taste is softly bitter.

What is the Easter bunny's favorite drink?

The Easter bunny doesn't have a favorite drink, but if you are a little kid and want to put out a drink for the Easter bunny, try something like water, milk, or even a fruit or sweet drink, like a orange soda, grape, something that is colorful like a fruit basket!

What is a pirates favorite drink?

Anything they can get their hands on! But if they have a choice, GROG. Grog is any kind of mixture of rum and water. They could add sugar, spices, and fruit juice to it. It was similar to "punch" which was a popular beverage amongst all people back in the day. Straight rum, wine, beer, or mead are ( Full Answer )

What is Prince Williams favorite drink?

Prince Williams favorite Drink is Hot Tea, or Guinness and Diet Pepsi Prince Williams favorite food is Banana Flan Prince Williams favorite book is Fledgling Jason Steed Prince Williams favorite music band is the Beatles Prince Williams favorite TV show is Top Gear

What is jedwards favorite drinks?

john and edward grimes favourite drinks are.. water,slushies and smoothies and tea they dont drink alcohol and hate coffee becuase it could stain their teeth

Was malak aerins favorite drink?

Though she never actually says it, she is often seen in the book drinking many cups of it so I think it is safe to assume that it was one of her favorite drinks! :)

What is Mikey Way's favorite drink?

he has never outright said but he and Gerard both frequently express their love for coffee but not of any other particular drinks