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On the passenger side of the dashboard is your Cabin Fuse block , Remove the cover and on the inside , should be a Numeric label of the fuses and there locations

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โˆ™ 2006-04-01 23:36:56
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Q: What is the Fuse Layout of a 95 Monte Carlo?
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How do you take out the light rheostat on a 95 Monte Carlo?

How do you take a rheostat out of a 2003 monte carlo

Will a transmission from a 95 Monte Carlo fit into a 2000 Monte Carlo?

ya if they are the same size motor

What is the top speed for the 1998 Monte Carlo?

On my 95 Monte Carlo Z-34, the top speed was 114 and started to cut out at 115.

Can you switch a 98 Monte Carlo transmission with a 95 Bonneville se transmission Monte Carlo has a 3.1 and the Bonneville has a 3800 series II?

no, you can only swap a 96-98 Monte Carlo 3100 transmission, i am having the same problem with my 95, you can only swap a 95 with a 95....96 through 98 are interchangeable. pontiacs have a different bolt pattern on them anyway.

What is the size of the gas tank on a 95 Monte Carlo 3.1?


What transmission is in a 95 Monte Carlo?

4T60E-- It's stamped on the pan.

What is the system belt in the 95 Monte Carlo called?

serpentine belt.

What is the bolt size to a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Ther are a lot of bolts in the 95 monte, which bolts are you talking about?

Is there a difference in bleeding anti lock or standard brakes on a 95 Monte Carlo?

no there is not

Where is the coolant drain on a 95 Monte Carlo?

Look at the bottom or rear of radiator

Can a supercharger be put in a 95 Monte Carlo z34?

they can be installed on any veichals

Is a transmission from a 1997 Monte Carlo compatible for a 1995 Monte Carlo?

yes as long as it is the same type of car for example, 95 z34 transmission will fit a 97 z34

What would you look for if the windshield washer pump and AC compressor on your 95 Monte Carlo won't engage after the engine backfired and you can't find a bad fuse?

loose wire

How do you remove dashboard on 95 Monte Carlo Z34?

the panel just snaps off

How do you put the belt on a 95 Monte Carlo?

What type of belt? What size engine is it also?

Where is the starter on a 3100 motor on 95 Monte Carlo?

front bottom side of motor

What should you do if your transmission fluid is leaking out of your 95 Monte Carlo?

take it to a mechanic and get it repaired.

Does coolant leak on a 95 Monte Carlo Z34 if the water pump is bad?

Very likely

How much will it cost to replace head gasket in 95 Monte Carlo?

If you have it done it will be at least $1,000.

How do you remove the frame under the engine to replace the front frame on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

there is no frame on a 95 monte, it's a unibody.

What kind of viscosity rating oil to use on a 95 Monte Carlo?

Use 10w30 weight in a 1995.

Why does your 95 Monte Carlo overheat?

Low coolant perhaps, bad thermostat, low or old oil.

Is there a difference between a 95 Monte Carlo z34 engine and a 96 Monte Carlo z34 engine?

No, there is no difference, unless one is a 3.4L OHV and the other is a 3.4L DOHC (Dual Over Head Cam).

How do you fix the lock on a 95 Monte Carlo with a lock that can lock but cannot not unlock when pressing the unlock button?

need to know if vehicle is all electric , if so try replacing the fuse that opereates the locking mechanism

What could be the problem with a 95 Monte Carlo that runs but doesn't move?

Have the transmission rebuilt. There have been alot of recalls on them.