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now cheer is a awesome sport you get training but they are both the same we do tumbling triple flips 1 back hand spring airplane roundoff both dangerous except i love this one and you should be able to say the same.

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one way of saying cheers is: Slainte. but there are other ways too, my adding good health to cheers.

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The Irish would be siúd ort! The (Scots) Gaelic would be ...

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Q: What is the Gaelic for 'cheers'?
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What is the Scottish Gaelic for cheers?

It would be Slàinte mhath! in Scottish Gaelic.

What is the traditional Alexander Keith's Gaelic cheers?

Slàinte mhath

What does 'cheers' mean in Scottish?

In Scottish Gaelic, the word for 'cheers' is slà inte mhath, meaning 'good health'. It is pronounced as 'slaancha vaa'.

How do you pronounce 'Cheers' in Scottish Gaelic?

Sláinte = cheers (Irish); Slàinte (Scottish).

What is a sloncha?

Sloncha is how s-l-a (with an accent) i-n-t-e sounds in English. It is Gaelic for CHEERS! and you say it as a toast.

How do you say cheers in Celtic?

In Celtic languages, the equivalent of "cheers" can vary. In Irish, you would say "sláinte," in Scottish Gaelic it's "slàinte," and in Welsh it's "iechyd da." These phrases are commonly used when toasting or celebrating.

What does tha thu breagha mean?

Its Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig. It means "You are beautiful" (or pretty, or handsome depending on the context it is used). cheers bigears, bairnsangs

What does slangava mean?

I'm not familiar with the term "slangava." It may be a slang term or a typo. Could you provide more context or clarify what you mean by "slangava"?

How is Slàinte pronounced in English?

Slawn-cheh This is used when making a toast (it's Gaelic for "cheers" or "good health"). The full form is Sláinte Mhath (Slawn-cheh vah).

What is Scottish Gaelic for little red haired girl?

Nighean ruadh means red haired girl in Scottish-Gaelic, as in "The Loch Tay Boat Song." Hope this helps you out.Adding the Gaelic word "bheag" (little) between "Nighean" and "ruadh" completes the phrase. An approximate phonetic pronunciation would be Nee-yun vek roo-ugh. Cheers!

How do you say cheers in Taiwanese?


What are other ways to say thank you?

thanks cheers thanks cheers thanks cheers