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The Georgia female college is now known as the Wesleyan College.

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Q: What is the Georgia female college today known as?
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Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia is the oldest women's college, having been chartered in 1836 and opened in 1839. Today, it has 550 undergraduate students, and 95 postgraduate students.

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AnswerThere is a lot of confusion concerning "which was the first women's college"'. Georgia Female College (today Wesleyan College in Macon , Georgia) was in 1836, and was the first SCHOOL to confer on girls "all such honors degrees and licenses as are usually conferred in colleges and universities."The first Woman's COLLEGE to offer a COLLEGE EDUCATION similar to that of mens colleges and universities at the time was ELMIRA COLLEGE. Elmira Collegiate Seminary received its charter from the regents of the University of the State of New York in 1853. Elmira Female College opened in 1855, changing its name to Elmira College a few years later. According to "A History of Women's Education in hte United States, by Thomas Woody, "Elmira is the oldest existing women's college in the United States which succeeded in attaining standards in a fair degree comparable with men's colleges at the very beginning of her career. Vassar, ten years therealter, likewise attained fairly comparable standard and was the first women's college that was adequately endowed."Mt Holyoke College started as Mt Holyoke Seminary. It received its COLLEGIATE CHARTER in 1888, and became Mt Holyoke Seminary and College. It became Mount Holyoke College in 1893.

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