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Germany doesn't have Prime Ministers, they have Chancellors, but the word they would use to describe other countries is:

Bundespräsident - President

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Q: What is the German word for prime minister?
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What is the German equivilent of a prime minister?

The German prime minister carries the title of "Kanzler"(Chancellor).

Who is prime minister of German?

The chancellor, not prime minister, is Angela Merkel.

Who is the German prime minister for the year 2013?

Angela Merkel was the Prime Minister of Germany in 2013.

Who was the foreign prime minister of German in 1914?


Which type of noun is the word prime minister?

The noun prime minister is a singular, common, compound noun; a general word for a position or title; a word for any prime minister anywhere.The noun prime minister is a proper noun when used as a specific title, such as David Cameron, British Prime Minister or the office of Prime Minister of France.

How do you use the word subaltern in a sentence?

Deputy prime minister is a subaltern of prime minister.

When was Adolf Hitler named prime minister of Germany?

Hitler became chancellor (German equivilent to prime minister) in 1933

Hitler became the prime minister in what year?

Hitler was appointed Chancellor (the German equivalent of Prime Minister) in January 1933.

What does the word prime minister mean?

chancellor, premier, prime minister , the person who is head of state

Who is the German Head of State?

The German Head of State is Germany's Prime Minister Christian Wulff.

Who was the prussian prime minister who masterminded the process of German unification?


Is the word prime minister capitalized?

The compound noun 'prime minister' is capitalized only when it is a proper noun as a specific title such as the Prime Minister of India, or a specific person such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Canada).

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