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The German word for yeah is ja.

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Q: What is the Germanic tranzlation for the word yeah?
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What is the Danish tranzlation for the word yeah?

It's "Ja"

From which language the word 'hand' come from?

Hand is a core Germanic vocabulary word, presumed to derive from a Germanic root *handuz which is unattested.

What is the origin of the word fowl?

From the Germanic word Vogel. English is essentially a Germanic language which has evolved over time into the distortion it is today.

What country did the word 'bandit' come from?

The word has Proto-Germanic origins.

Is the word war of Germanic origin like most common English words?

Yes, the word "war" is of Germanic Origin.It entered English before 1150, from late Old English werre < Old North French < Germanic; cognate with Old High German werra, meaning "strife."

Is yeah a disrespectful word?


Is soote an old English word french?

No, it is Germanic.

What the origin of the word ship?

From the Proto-Germanic "skipam".

What is the root word for ladder?

From the Proto-Germanic *khlaidri

Where did he word cat come from?

It's of Germanic origin, from the Latin word cattus.

Where does the word aspen come from?

The word "aspen" is from Proto-Germanic, and ultimately from Latin. Proto-Germanic is the "hypothetical prehistoric ancestor of all Germanic languages, including English." Quoted from the first related link below. Please see the second link below for the etymology (word origin).

What is the Latin root origin of the word width?

The word "width" is not of Latin origin, but instead has a Germanic etymology. "Width" is derived from the word "wide", which comes from the Old English word "wid", which in turn is from the Proto-Germanic word "widaz", meaning "wide".