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Telescope comes from the Greek t

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Q: What is the Greek meaning for Telescope?
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What does the greek telescope mean?

Telescope comes from the Italian, telescopio, meaning "from a distance."

What is the origin word telescope?

from Greek 'teleskopos' meaning 'far seeing'. There is a word in Latin with the same meaning, 'telescopium'

What is the meaning of the greek root tele?

It means "far away", as in television, telescope, telegraph, telephone.

What does the word telescope mean in a greek language?

"A" Greek language?The word telescope derives from the Greek tele "far" and skopein "to look or see".

The origin of the word telescope?

It's the combination of the fragments, originally from Greek: -- "tele-", meaning 'far' (like in television, teletype, telegram, telecommunication) and -- "scope", meaning 'seeing'

How do you say telescope in Greek?

τηλεσκόπιο (teleskopio)

How do you spell the Greek word for telescope?


How do you say telescope in the greek language?


What is the Root of telescope?

The Greek word "teleskopos".

Who invented first reflecting telescope?

The telescope was invented by a Greek mathematician named "Giovanni Dmysyany".

Telescope in Greek?

Telescope is a Greek word (from tele=far and skopein=to look) In Greek it is written with a k instead of a c: teleskopio (τηλεσκόπιο, pronounced tea-less-copy-oh)

What are the answers to the telescope on secretbuilders?

hans,greek, and earth.

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