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griyego salita kyrie

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Q: What is the Greek word Kyrie in English?
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What is the English word of the latin word kyrie?

Kyrie is a Greek word, not Latin and it means'Lord"

What is 'Kyrie fons bonitatis' in English?

Lord, fountain of mercy is the English equivalent of 'Kyrie, fons bonitatis'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'Kyrie' is Greek for 'Lord'. The noun 'fons' means 'fountain'. The noun bonitatis' means 'mercy'.

What is the translation of kyrie in English?

The Greek word Kyrios (κύριος) means "lord, Lord, master".

Kyrie is a latin wordmy question is what is Kyrie in Filipino and English word?


Can you translate the latin word kyrie eleison in English and filipino?

translate the kyrie in filipino

What is greek word for old lady?

γηραιός (gireos).

What is the English term of kyrie?


What is kyrie eleison in English?

what is the meaning of kyrie eleison in english

Can you translate the latin word kyrie to filipino?

I personally can't, but I can translate it to English if that helps (which it might, since your question was written in English). It means "lord" or "master". Kyrie is Panginoon (Filipino)

What is the tagalog word foe the word kyrie?

kyrie eleison

What does Kyrie mean?

"Kyrie" is greek. It's part of the expression "Kyrie Eleison" which means "Lord, have mercy". Thus, "Kyrie" means "Lord" as in "God". it also means mister in greek, E.g. Kyrie sas parakalo voithiste me! trans.: Mister, please help me

What language is Kyrie eleison?

Kyrie eleison comes to us from Greek. It means Lord, have mercy.