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What is the Hardest mixed drink to make?

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Assuming you mean an alcoholic drink, that would be the Sazerac.

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The hardest drink for any given person to make is the one with the hardest to obtain ingredients. If something is hard to find it is hard to put it in a drink.

It depends on the kind of mixed drink - the recipe usually will specify what kind of glass is required.

there aren't directions on how to make a Jack and Coke mixed drink. It all depends on how strong you like your alcohol. if you like it strong, put more Jack Daniels in the glass.

Mix 1 part vodka to 2 parts orange juice.

Because they thought it would make the drink look more interesting.

coco cola mixed with fanta mixed with kian

In a well mixed drink it doesn't, but alcohol settles to the bottom of most drinks rather quickly, so the straw will make you drink the concentrated alcohol at the bottom of the drink

hardest as in most complicated? or as in most solid?

the acid in the junk food mixed with alcohol will make your stomach explode.

Depending on the concentration of alcohol in the gallon and in the prepared drink.

It is not necessary to own a bar tool set in order to make mixed drinks. As long as you know the recipes for the drinks you want to make, you can use normal kitchen appliances and dishes to make your drink.

they drink nothing stronger than water.

Sugar and alcohol can be mixed. However, it is not very healthy to drink.

Vodka and Tomatoe Juice are two ingredients needed to make a traditional Bloody Mary,

A mixed drink composed of both.

Warninks Advocaat mixed with lemonade was a traditional xmas drink

I don't know but i suggest you don't drink it :)

Well, if you drink enough of them they will, but not in moderation. Tripe sec and vodka are one of the classic bases of mixed drinks. They are used together to make the Kamikaze, the Cosmopolitan, and Sex on the Beach, as well as many others.

The first origami you try to make.

The word is negronis, the plural form for negroni, a mixed drink.

Answeramazing drink is -- cranberry juice, orange juice and vodka! cant go wrong with thatalso try champagne and orange juice!

Some creative ways to use Adagio tea would include mixed in with yogurt. It make make for a delicious blended drink.

His Favorite Drink is Hawiian Punch and promethazine (pimpC) Mixed Together

Night Cap Negroni. a mixed drink with gin and Campari.

most popular alcoholic drink in north carolina