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Harley Davidson was founded by William Harley and Arthur Davidson in Wisconsin. The world famous motorcycle company started in 1903.

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A. D. Farrow Harley-Davidson in Columbus, Ohio, was founded in 1912 and is the oldest Harley-Davidson dealer in America. A. D. Farrow Harley-Davidson Co. has been recognized by the Harley-Davidson motor company as the oldest continually operating Harley-Davidson dealership. You can visit A. D. Farrow's website to see a video made by Harley-Davidson documenting who the oldest is. Kegel Harley Davidson in Rockford, Illinois, claims to be the oldest Harley dealership in the United States. Their history page of their web site offers undocumented proof. Kegal Harley Davidson is how ever the oldest Harley-Davidson dealership still in the same family.

A Harley Davidson Ultra can be purchased from a Harley Davidson dealership. On their website you can locate the nearest Harley Davidson dealership to you.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is located on 400 West Canal Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This museum pays tribute to the history of Harley-Davidson and its' motorcycles with a variety of motorcycle-related exhibits.

One can purchase a Harlet Davidson GPS from Preston-Harley Store, New Castle Harley-Davidson and Warrs websites. One can also purchase it from Chester-Harley-Davidson and Harley-Davidson.

1903 The "Harley" of Harley-Davidson was William Sylvester Harley. He was born on December 29, 1880. In 1903 he co-founded Harley-Davidson Motor Company with Arthur Davidson.

One may purchase speakers for a Harley Davidson motorcycle in-shop at the nearest Harley Davidson dealership. Harley Davidson speakers can also be bought off the Harley Davidson website.

Harley Davidson, which owns Buell.

where is harley davidson clothing made

Barnett Harley Davidson motorcycles can be purchased at your local Harley Davidson dealership. Alternatively, they can also be found on eBay or the official Harley Davidson website.

You can buy Harley Davidson collectibles from your local Harley Davidson store, or the Harley Davidson internet site. Failing that you can try Amazon or eBay.

Images of Harley-Davidson fashion can be found on websites such as Amazon, California Harley-Davidson and, of course, on the official Harley-Davidson website.

Harley Davidson branded belt buckles can be purchased at any Harley Davidson licensed shop. Also one can purchase Harley Davidson belt buckles at Amazon, eBay and direct from Harley Davidson.

William S. Harley, William A. Davidson, Walter Davidson and Arthur Davidson.

William S. Harley,Arthur Davidson,Walter Davidson,William A. Davidson

Harley Davidson pins can be purchased from the Harley Davidson official website. Harley Davidson pins can also be purchased from Ebay and Amazon's official website.

Harley Davidson is named after William S. Harley and his friends Arthur and Walter Davidson, creators of this bike.

William harley and arthur Davidson founded harley Davidson motorcycle co

Harley Davidson Knucklehead enthusiasts in the United States can find pictures of it online on the Harley Davidson Facebook page and Harley Davidson website. The motorcycles can be purchased from the nearest Harley Davidson dealership.

Harley-Davidson's population is 6,300.

Harley-Davidson was created in 1903.

"The Harley Davidson logo is an orange and black symbol with the words ""Harley Davidson Motor Company"". It is used on all Harley Davidson merchandise including motorcycles, shirts, and jackets."

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