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If you are referring to the song from earlier Autumn 2007 and features Children of Men, you may be referring to Quantic: Time Is The Enemy.

The same question describing a Hindi song with downtempo beats was posted and answered at

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Q: What is the Hindu song in the Cinemax commercial?
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Song in Russian cinemax commercial?

= The Holy War -The Sacred war =

What is the song for the new cinemax commercials for 2009 and the commercial shows The Incredible Hulk and Wanted?

peter bjorn - nothing to worry about

What is the song in the Cinemax 'Banshee'?

It is Benevolence... The New Man

What is the opening song to the cinemax series Femme Fatales?

superconductor - beautiful small machines

What is the song on Cinemax for the 2009 summer movies?

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"

When was Cinemax created?

Cinemax was created in 1980.

What is the new song playing for the cinemax summer 2009 lineup?

Nothing to worry about by peter Bjorn

What is the song in the Cinemax 'Banshee' trailer in December 2012?

Various cruelties- F.E.A.R

What is the Russian song in the current cinemax commercial?

This is an old song from WWII (which was The Great Patriotic War in Russia). It was a call to Russian people to defend their country against the Germans. The name of this song is "Vstavai, strana ogromnaya" in Russian. In English it sounds like "Rise, the great country, rise to mortal battle".

What is song playing on cinemax for schedule?

If you're wondering about the song for the current Cinemax promo as of July 2008, which displays Balls Of Fury, and HitMen and is a guitar rift, with "fire burning, there's a fire burnin, burning.." It is from the group called The Gossip and the song is Bring It On, it can be had easily at music downloads if you plan to pay for it. This one was a PITA to find since searching google and any other decent search engine with key words such as Cinemax and Fire burning or bring it on seemed to yield every other result except the one everyone was looking for. We had to cut the commercial over to a vid file then tunatic ID to figure it out.

What is the name of the song playing on Cinemax's feature presentations promo for September through Novemeber 2007?

The song is called Time is the Enemy by Quantic.

What is the name of the cinemax promo theme song for fall 2010 and who sings it?

Song name is Let's Talk Turkey, performed by Ima Robot.