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Napoleon offered a prize for food preparation in 1800 and awarded the prize in 1810 forVacuum Packing. Invented by Nicolas François Appertt who discovered that if food is placed in an airtight container and boiled, it will not go bad. Initially peas in champagne bottles were used, as they were the only containers both airtight and strong enough available at the time. Quickly after larger mouthed containers still using the hardy champagne glass were used. Glass jars were largely replaced in commercial canneries with cylindrical tin or wrought-iron canisters (later shortened to "cans") following the work of Peter Durand (1810). However glass containers are still widely used in home applications (putting up preserves). Vacuum packing is only one form of food preservation others include; drying by various means (salting, curing, sun drying, smoking), burying (100 year eggs, sauerkraut, Storage clamp) refrigeration, special storage (granary, root cellar, storage clamp), pickling, irradiation, oxy free or reduced atmosphere, and others.

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Q: What is the History of food preservation and why did Napolean offer that prize?
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