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Bíodh eagla Dé ort (singular)

Bíodh eagla Dé oraibh (plural)

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In Irish: Toil Dé go ndéantar.

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Q: What is the Irish for 'fear God'?
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What is the Irish Gaelic for 'fear God'?

Bíodh eagla Dé oraibh (plural)Bíodh eagla Dé ort (singular)

What is the Irish for 'man'?

In Irish the word for 'man' is fear (far).

Irish word for prayer?

In scottish Gaelic it is ùrnaigh In Irish it's paidir

What is Irish word for man?


What is a man called in Irish?

The Irish word for "a man" is fear [pron. 'far'].

What font is Ryan Sheckler's Fear God tattoo in?

Fear God

What is 'fear of God' in Latin?

"Fear of God" in Latin is timor Dei.

How do you say Tribesman in Irish?

Fear treibhe

What is the Gaelic for 'hot Irish guy'?

Fear dóighiúil Gaelach / Fear dóighiúil Éireannach

Who are the gods of fear and terror?

the god of fear is Phobos and the god of terror is Deimos.

When was The Fear of God created?

The Fear of God was created on -20-05-04.

What is the Irish word for Darkness?

In Irish (Gaelic): dorchacht or dorchadas.