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The name Ann is Anna in Irish (and Scottish Gaelic), but in Ireland the native names Áine and Eithne are considered equivalent names.

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Q: What is the Irish spelling of Ann?
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What is the Irish spelling of McGovern?

Mag Shamhráin is the Irish spelling.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'sheila'?

The Irish spelling of 'Sheila' is Síle. It is originally derived from Cecilia.

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It's probably Irish. It looks like an anglicized spelling of Pádraig. But most Irish Patricks have adopted the English spelling.

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The girl's name Breanna is pronounced bree-ANN-ah. It is of English origin. Variant spelling of Brianna. It is of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic origin

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As its not an Irish name there would be no Irish spelling for it

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LEPRECHAUN - one of the small mythical Irish people

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Ó Dubhshláine is the Irish spelling.

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bí ann (táim ann "I am present") In Irish

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The Irish spelling is Ruairí; the Scottish spelling is Ruairidh.

Is Aine Ann in English?

Aine is the Irish (Gaelic) for the English name Ann or Anne

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