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Yuuki:courage by the way... a Japanese "sign" like this one is called kanji

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Q: What is the Japanese sign for strength and courage?
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Endurance cunning physical strength and courage were ideal characteristics of?

Japanese samurai

What do dragonflies symbolize?

In Japanese culture it symbolizes strength, happiness, and also courage.

Why are the lions cool?

they are the king of the jungle. they are bosses. also, they are a sign of power, nobility, courage, and strength.

What Japanese warrior group would be described with the following words cunning physical strength and courage?

the samuri

What does the Japanese carp kite mean on children's day?

Japanese carp kite fish mean strength and courage in a child on children's day

How do you write strength and courage in Hebrew?

strength = ko'ach (כוח) courage = omets (אומץ) strength and courage = koach ve'omets (כוח ואומץ)

What are the words for strength and courage for life in German?

Strength = Kraft Courage = Mut

What is act of skill strength or courage?

acts of skill strength or courage

What is the symbol for strength and courage?

The bull and the lion are both symbols of strength. The griffin is a symbol of both strength and courage.

What is the Japanese symbol for courage?

The japanese symbol for courage is pronounced in English as "kimo." It can mean liver, innards, courage, spirit, pluck, or guts. Other english pronunciations of the japanese symbol for courage include - "kenage", "genki", and "dokyou."

What is an animal that symbolizes strength and courage?

A lion.

How do you spell strength and courage in Chinese?

strength in Chinese is 力量(li4 liang4) courage in Chinese is 勇气(yong3 qi4)

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