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Yuuki:courage by the way... a Japanese "sign" like this one is called kanji


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In Japanese culture it symbolizes strength, happiness, and also courage.

they are the king of the jungle. they are bosses. also, they are a sign of power, nobility, courage, and strength.

Japanese carp kite fish mean strength and courage in a child on children's day

strength = ko'ach (כוח) courage = omets (אומץ) strength and courage = koach ve'omets (כוח ואומץ)

The bull and the lion are both symbols of strength. The griffin is a symbol of both strength and courage.

You may say 'yuuki.' In Japanese: 勇気

The japanese symbol for courage is pronounced in English as "kimo." It can mean liver, innards, courage, spirit, pluck, or guts. Other english pronunciations of the japanese symbol for courage include - "kenage", "genki", and "dokyou."

misneach (courage)calmacht (stalwartness; bravery, strength)crógacht (bravery; hardiness, spiritedness)

strength in Chinese is 力量(li4 liang4) courage in Chinese is 勇气(yong3 qi4)

Some Native American tribes use a bear's paw tattoo/drawing as a symbol of strength and courage.

Strength = khozek (חוזק) Love = ahava (אהבה) Courage = omets (אומץ)

The Japanese Carp Kite symbolizes a child on Children's Day.The carp kite also represents strength and courage like the symbol of the samurai's sword.They are flown in the sky of the 5th day of the 5th month each year.The celebration is honoring their children whom the see as their future and their strength.So the carp kite is a symbol of strength and courage whom they represent a child they see as their future's strength.-Vanessa B.XD LOL

The traditional tattoo for strength, courage and sexiness is the black panther. The best placement for it on a woman I have seen, was on a calf from ankle to knee. It was devastating in high heels.

courage is the strength to stand up

It stands for courage and strength

Power, strength, courage...

strength, happiness and courage

Strength, Power, & Courage

Right a lion usually symbolizes courage and strength but it depends what culture and country you are from or want to find out about. In tattoos lions are either there because you like lion or for like I said courage and strength. A lion can also symbolize the horoscope Leo. The lion may also represent the lion in the stars who is also named Leo . These two are linked there are also other horoscopes and animals in the sky such as Pieces and Virgo.CourageStrength and courage.

It can be hard to translate a series of words from English to Latin. Viribus Fortis, et confidant is the Latin Translation of strength, courage and confidence.

He represented courage and strength and he was the god of heroes.

Humility, love, strength, courage.

Kustjägarna's motto is 'Courage, Strength and Athleticism'.

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