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I don't know what you mean by 'with an x,' but the Japanese word for shadow is 'kage,' written: 影

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Q: What is the Japanese word for shadow with an 'x'?
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What is the japanese word for shadow?

影 kage translates to "shade" or "shadow."Shadow is 'kage' in Japanese.The word 'shadow' in Japanese is kage.

What is the Japanese word for shadow warrior?

In Japanese 影武者 (kagemusha) is "shadow warrior."

What is the Japanese word shadow of assassin?

Those aren't Japanese words.

Are they ever going to make another sonic x episode were shadow comes back to life?

If you watched the Japanese version of Sonic X it will show you that Shadow never died.

What does chicken mean in Japanese?

It meens blood shadow. When both parts of the single word are translated,"chi" when translated, means blood and "kage",when translated, means shadow.

Did Shadow the Hedgehog die in Sonic X?

No, he was seen to be alive in the Japanese version of episode 78.

What is shadow bandit in Japanese?

shadow bandit in Japanese is Kage no tōzoku

What is shadow wolf in Japanese?

shadow= kage and spirit= ki shadow spirit= ??? if that helps, but I'm not really sure... if you could use a search engine and type in Japanese English dictionary if you want to know for sure

What is the Japanese word for x?

There is no 'x' in the Japanese language. You may, however say エックス (ekkusu).

What is the word 'shade' when translated form English to Japanese?

The Japanese word for shade is "kage". It also can mean "shadow" or "other side" depending on the context it is placed in. Also, at times, instead of using the Japanese word, it will be written or pronounced as "sheedo" or "she-do" in an effort to make it sound similar to the English word.

What is the Japanese word weed?

ウィード :) x S Hope This Helps

How do you say shadow circle in Japanese?

'Shadow circle' may be translated as影の丸 (kage no maru) in Japanese.