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A Japanese official Sumo Tournament is called 本場所 /hon ba sho/.

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The sumo ring is known as a dohyō.

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Q: What is the Japanese word for sumo tournament?
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What is the word 'sumo' when translated from English to Japanese?

What English-speakers think of when they say "sumo" (i.e. heavyset men wrestling) is also called "sumo" in Japanese. Basically, sumo is sumo!

What is the Japanese word for a Sumo wrestler?

Rikishi, or sumotori.

Are sumo wrestlers Chinese or Japanese?

Sumo is a Japanese sport. There are Chinese sumo wrestlers.

What is a grand tournament in sumo?


What is Hatsu?

Hatsu Hioki is a mixed martial artist. Hatsu is a Japanese word, sometimes used with a name. The word has several meanings, one of them is 'first' or 'beginning.' It can also mean 'heart.' Hatsu-Basho is a sumo tournament held each year.

Who won the sumo tournament in Tokyo?

The sumo that I think is the is not in japan but somewhere and his name is Emanuel Yarbrough one of my favorite sumo wrestlers

What is the Japanese word for the top ranking wrestler?

The highest rank in sumo wrestling is 'yokozuna'.

What is the plurel version of sumo?

In Japanese, there is no visible indication, it is determined by the context. He was a sumo wrestler. There were ten sumo in that stable.

What do you call a bout in sumo wrestling?

The bout is called a match in sumo wrestling. It would occur during a tournament or basho.

Who can enter in sumo wrestling competitions?

To be in an official tournament, you must be a member of a recognized sumo stable. You also have to appear on the Banzuke.

Name of a Japanese wrestling?

sumo wrestling is what they do i japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan

What is a traditional Japanese sport?