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What is the Jeff the Killer creepypasta?


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August 11, 2013 7:41AM

Okay, but let me warn you; this might scare you a bit.


Jeff was a little boy that moved to a new home. The day he moved in his mother invited him to a birthday Party. He starts feeling a weird vibe. Well, him and his brother Lui were waiting at the bus stop and three teenagers start to attack them. Trying to stick up for himself, he starts to hurt them...and he gets satisfaction from it and starts to feel like he likes hurting people. The boys are left bloody, so they run away thinking they would be in trouble. So later on their parents find out it was them and without telling them it was the teenagers who attacked them first. Lui takes the blame and gets sent to juvenile. So Jeff goes to the party and the boys show up. In the end one boy sets him on fire and he wakes up in a hospital. In the hospital his face is healing with bandages and when they take them off everyone is both afraid and sorry for him. For him the face ' fits his personality '. Then, the teenagers confess it was the who attacked them first and Lui is not in Juvenile anymore. Then, one day the mother hears crying in a bathroom. She sees Jeff but way different then before. Turns out he's a maniac. He burnt and cut off his eyelids so he could never sleep and cut his mouth so he could always smile. The mother says "L-let me go tell dad to come see your face." Then she tells her husband to get his gun and Jeff sees this and says "You lied mommy...." then kills her, and the dad. If you really want to be freaked out look at the image.

The story is one of a number of completely fictional horror stories of the Urban Legend variety, most apparenty produced by the same writers on the site. They have no basis in reality although some may reflect known paranormal themes or true (criminal) events.