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amphiprion allardi, the common name is allard's clownfish it was discovered by herbert axelrod after his visit to Allards Collecting Station in Kenya

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What is the name of the taxonomic class that clownfish are in?

Clownfish are in the class Actinopterygii.

What is another name for clownfish?

Amphiprion melanopus

How did the clownfish get its name?

they look like clowns

What is the male name of a clown fish?

There are no specific names for male and female clownfish. It is simply called a 'male clownfish'.

What is an anemonefish?

An anemonefish is an alternative name for the clownfish, so named because the clownfish has a symbiotic relationship to sea anemones.

What types of clown fish are there?

Heres all the ones I know: -Common Clownfish -Orange Skunk Clownfish -Maroon Clownfish -Pink Skunk Clownfish -Red sea Clownfish -Barrier Reef clownfish -Clark's Clownfish -Cap Clownfish !

What is the common name for a clown fish?

Clownfish and anenomefish are the common names of some 28 species of saltwater fish in the Amphiprioninae subfamily of the Pomacentridae family. Some popular varieties are the Orange Clownfish, Ocellaris (or False Percula) Clownfish and the Tomato Clownfish.

Finding nemo fish name?

Clownfish and anemonefish

What is the scientific name of a Clown Fish?

Clownfish are a subfamily called Amphiprioninae. There are 27 species, each with its own scientific name. One is Premnas biaculeatus, the maroon clownfish, native to the Indian Ocean. All others are of the genus Amphiprion. See full name for a clown fish is Percula Clownfish. They belong to the sub family AmphiprioninaeThere are 27 different species of clown fish, the scientific latin name for the most commonly recognised orange clown fish is Amphiprion melanopus.Another more entertaining answer:Clownusfishus

Name a very small fish?

clownfish is reasonably small.

What is the name of a bright tropical fish beginning with C?


Do tomato clownfish play in anemones?

if there name is nemo, then yes they do.

Is there an lps clownfish?

no there is not an lps clownfish.

What is the meaning of the name Nemo?

== == Nemo is a latin name meaning "no one" or "no man". Nemo is a Disney Pixar character. He is a clownfish and he appears in Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo. Nemo is the name given by the captain of the Nautilus in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Describe the niche of a clownfish?

The niche of a clownfish is the specific role that the clownfish has in it's ecosystem.

What country did Romans call hispania?

Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.

What are the defenses of a clownfish?

the defenses of a clownfish is there tail

What is a group of clownfish called?

a group of clownfish

What fish live in the same area as a clownfish?

* Amphiprion allardi - Allard's clownfish * Amphiprion melanopus - Cinnamon clownfish * Amphiprion clarkii - Clark's anemonefish * Amphiprion ocellaris - Ocellaris clownfish * Amphiprion percula - Percula clownfish * Amphiprion perideraion - Pink skunk clownfish * Amphiprion polymnus - Saddleback clownfish * Amphiprion sebae - Sebae clownfish * Amphiprion bicinctus - Red Sea clownfish * Amphiprion tricinctus - Three-band anemonefish * Amphiprion ephippium - Red saddleback anemonefish * Amphiprion frenatus - Tomato clownfish * Amphiprion chrysopterus - Orange-fin anemonefish * Amphiprion akallopisos - Skunk clownfish * Amphiprion sandaracinos- Orange skunk clownfish * Amphiprion rubacinctus - Australian clownfish * Premnas biaculeatus - Maroon clownfish

Does nemo exists?

If you are asking whether or not Nemo's kind of fish exist, then yes they and they are called clownfish. If you are actually asking if there's a talking clownfish out there that's name is Nemo, then the answer is no.

Do clownfish migrate?

Clownfish do not migrate. There are various reasons that they do not.

Is it clownfish or clown fish?

The correct term is clownfish.

What continent are clownfish found?

what continent is the clownfish found

Do starfish eat clownfish?

No, the starfish will not eat the clownfish.

How do clownfish breed?

Clownfish like sea anemones, they "live" in them. Once a girl clownfish finds a boy clownfish to her specifications, she lays eggs and he fertilizes them. Hope this helped

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