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good condition.....about $3200.00

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Q: What is the Marlin 38-40 lever action round barrel value?
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What is the value of a lever action repeating carbine 20 round barrel Serial number 4287654?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics.

How much is a 1981 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action model 4930742 round barrel worth?

your rifle is worth between 350.oo and 600.00

How old is a marlin 30-30 model 1893 serial number I99852 having a round barrel?

about 1910, check with the marlin collectors website

What is the value of a Marlin fire arms co 1889 38-40 marlin safety octagon barrel rifle.?

I have found Marlin 1889 round barrel listed $3750.00 at Monty Whitley Inc. I too would be interested in knowing what the octagon barrel's valuie is. From the 2002 Standard Catalog of Firearms: Values as of 2007 will be higher by 10-20%. I would like to purchase three 10MR11/20 bulbs (code 66502) which, I believe, are 12 volt, 10 watt, MR11 style halogen bulbs with a GU4 base. Model 1889 Lever Action Rifle This was Marlin's first side-eject, solid-top rifle. It is cahmbered for .25-20, .32-20, 38-40, and the .44-40 cartridges. It features either octagonal or round barrels in lengths from 24" to 32" with buckhorn rear and blade front sights. The finish is blued with a case colored hammer, lever, and buttplate. The plain walnut stock is varnished. The barrel is stamped "Marlin Fire-Arms Co. New Haven Ct. U.S.A/Patented Oct 11 1887 April 2, 1889." This model features a lever latch, and many options were offered. The owner is urged to get an individual appraisal on such variations from a reputable gunsmith or advanced Marlin collector. Values fluctuate greatly due to some seemingly insignificant variation. There were approximately 55,000 manufactured between 1889 and 1899. Production Model 24" Barrel Exc V.G. Good Fair Poor --- 1200 700 350 150 22 cal. golden lever action

What year was marlin lever action 22cal model 39A first made?


Does the Marlin model 336 come in a 22 caliber?

No...the Marlin .22 lever action is the Model 39. An amazing history behind the model 39 and they are still made new (39a) and a great gun. 336 is a round bolt where as the 39 is a square bolt, and is also in its current 39a form a takedown model as well.

Marlin 1893 in 38-55 caliber serial number 138939 with 26 round barrel what year was it made?


Which procedure causes a round to be chambered?

Depends on the firearm. The process is loading, but it is accomplished by different acts with different guns. With the M16, drawing back the charging handle and releasing in does that. With a lever action Marlin, operating the lever. With a bolt action, operating the bolt. The M60 only loaded when the trigger was pulled- it fired from an open bolt system. A double barreled shotgun is loaded by manually inserting a shotshell into the chamber.

What is the value of a Alberta diamond jubilee model 94 carbine lever action 20 round barrel 38 55cal never fired in original box?

In the condition you describe,your Winchester carbine is valued at 995 dollars(US currency).

When was a round barrel marlin 30-30 patent Aug 1 1893 serial number 330236 made?

Your original model 1893 Marlin rifle was made in the year 1906,with the serial number that you have provided.

Is there any information on a Marlin Model 18?

By the guide I use, Marlin made a "Model 18 Baby Slide-Action Repeater" from 1906-09. It was a .22cal. LR, Long Short. The tubular mag held 14 short cartridges. It had a 20" barrel that could have been round or octagon. My book lists them from $180 in good condition to $350 perfect. Hope this is what you were looking for.

When was the Marlin Model 49 shotgun made?

Marlin Model 49 Exposed Hammer Pump Shotgun, 3000 made 1925-1928 for stock purchasers only, 12 gauge 2 3/4" with 30" barrel, 4 round magazine

What is a JC Higgins model 46 22 lever action rifle worth a1 condition?

It is a Marlin Levermatic model 56 made for Sears, Roebuck & Co. (J.C. Higgins) by Marlin. They came in tube fed or with a 10 round clip. Mfg. date starting in 1956 to 1960 when it became the Model 57 discontinued in 1964. I have seen them listed upwards of 700 dollars in pristine condition. Its main feature is its short throw lever. Only 2 1/2 inches. It is an excellent gun. Hang on to it.

How much did a Winchester model 1894 30WCF cost in 1898?

I can say that A Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle 26in barrel was priced at 19.50 in Winchester's June,1896 Catalog. A carbine with the 20in barrel was priced at 17.50, a round barreled 26in rifle was 18.00 dollars, and the take down model was priced at 25.00 dollars. I can add that the Sears catalog from 1900 (reprint) lists the round or octagonal barreled 30 WCF for $14.75.

How much is a 1974 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action modal 4259575 round barrel worth?

$100 - $200. Its only real value is what someone is willing to pay for it to use as a hunting firearm. The year 1963 was the last of the "collectable" era Wincehster Model 94s.

What is the difference between a Marlin 75c and a Marlin 60?

There is no difference internal to the two rifles. The only difference is barrel length. Both have 14-round tubular magazines. The model 75C has a carbine length (~19") barrel. Model 60s produced when the 75C was in production have a rifle-length (22") barrel, but the current Model 60 has been shortened to 19", making it seemingly identical to the old 75C. My 75C from 1987 looks identical to the model 60 on the current Marlin website. If you want to see one in a bit different configuration, check out

What is the value of a Colt official Police Rifle SN 2241?

Colt never made a long gun called that. You will have to provide a detailed description to include: barrel length and profile (round, octagon, etc.) action type (pump, lever, semi-auto, etc.) caliber and all markings.

Is there a model 556 marlin shotgun?

Yes. The Marlin model 556 is a bolt action shotgun. It has a detachable magazine which holds two rounds and one round in the pipe for a total of three rounds. It is able to shoot 3 inch ammunition.

Is the marlin 1895 subject to jams due to factory defect called the marlin jam?

I'm not sure about the factory defect but mine is sitting right next to me jammed up. I fired off the round in the chamber and went to cycle another and the lever got stuck all the way forward and the round in stuck. Hope this helps atleast a little. Let me know what you find out

Does a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Competition carbine 38 special or 32 hr magnum carbine or 45 Colt have a faster lever action?

No difference. Has nothing to do with Colt firearms.AnswerThe 1894-type rifles were usually chambered in the .45 Long Colt. Of course, since you rifle in peticular is a carbine, I would say more along the lines of .38 Special due to it's size. If necissary, you can measure the caliber of the rifle with a ruler. It will most likely be .45 if the barrel length is closer to half an inch. If not, just measure with the rule and use the numbers in terms of Millimetres. The width of a .32 is measured in 7.65 mm. Apples versus OrangesHang on there, Skippy. In the first place, a Marlin rifle, quality machine though it may be, has nothing to do with Colt firearms, even though it might be chambered for a cartridge named Colt. In the second place, the speed of a lever action rifle's cycle is dependent on the strength, speed and coordination of the user, not on the cartridge the rifle fires. There have been short-stroke lever actions produced that were quite a bit quicker than the standard type, like the Marlin 57 Levermatic. However, that action was not dependent on the cartridge it used to determine it's speed of cycling either. FYI. Marlin has redesigned the Leveraction shooting the .32 H&R round. Loads through the magazine tube like many .22's and the original .32' loading port in the receiver. Marlin shortened the action on their newer .32 model. The .38 cowboy competition come from the factory 'slicked' up out of the box. A little polishing here and there will make it a whole bunch better. The .32 is capable of shooting the .32 magnum and the S&W Long. IT DOES NEED SLICKING UP out of the box. Shooting many thousands of rounds through these rifles, we have found them to be reliable when fed the proper ammo. SPEED?.... go to a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Match and se what speed is with a lever action. Marlin did NOT produce a lever action in .45 COLT until recently.

Can you shoot a 38 round out of a 44 magnum?

No, you cannot. The .38 Special can be fired out of .357 Magnum revolver (but not automatics or lever action rifles), however.

What is the pivot point of a lever?

The point it pivots round. That is when you use the lever which point on the lever does not move.

What is the value of a Marlin model 1893 lever action in 25-35 cal with special smokeless steel stamped on the barrel?

Marlin did not make a model 1893 in .25-35 cal. The Marlin 1893 was chambered for the .25-36 Marlin caliber. Values depend on many things, including condition, and special order features. Without this info, a price can not be determined. According to data from Cartridges of the World, The 25-35 cartridge can be fired in a rifle chambered for the 25-36 Marlin, but with the warning that many rifles chambered for the 25-36 are not strong enough to withstand the maximum load and all factory 25-35 loads exceed the 2000 FPS MV suggested for the 25-36. I think a Marlin 1893 should to be able to handle it but check with a gunsmith first. I believe the Marlin Model 1893 comes in multiple calibers I own a Marlin Model 1893 in a 38-55 that has the words special smokeless steel, I believe the round can be loaded with smokeless powder that equals the pressures of 55 grains of black powder. I paid $400 for my Marlin it retains about 90% of the bluing am not sure if that is an average price but may be a starting point. Hope this is of some help 9393 (hammerhead)

How do you reload a round barrel gun?

Sorry, but we need more information on the term "round barrel gun".

In architecture what do the round arch and barrel vault have in common?

The round arch and barrel valult are similar in shape. The barrel vault is an extension of the round arches which form the vault or roof of a structure.