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it is not a planet it is a ring called halo that the forruners built somewant years ago

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Q: What is the Mysterious planet in Halo that Master Chief lands on?
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What is the mysterious planet that Master chief lands on?

The ring.

Where does master chief land at the end of Halo 3?

He lands on the Forerunner planet (Halo Legends)

What is the next halo?

Halo 4, master chief lands on a forerunner planet. which awakens a new breed of enemy derived from the forerunners called, "Promethean"

What is a Promethean in halo 4?

A Promethean is a new species of enemy alien in Halo 4. Master Chief finds them on Requiem when he crash lands on the planet. They are led by the Didact, the main enemy in the game.

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