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it is not a planet it is a ring called halo that the forruners built somewant years ago

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What is the mysterious planet that Master chief lands on?

The ring.

Where does master chief land at the end of Halo 3?

He lands on the Forerunner planet (Halo Legends)

What is the next halo?

Halo 4, master chief lands on a forerunner planet. which awakens a new breed of enemy derived from the forerunners called, "Promethean"

What is a Promethean in halo 4?

A Promethean is a new species of enemy alien in Halo 4. Master Chief finds them on Requiem when he crash lands on the planet. They are led by the Didact, the main enemy in the game.

How do you get back to mysterious white lands on runescape?

To head back to mysterious white lands you can go to wizard tower, then go down the ladder heading in the basement. Once your there, go to the second room, once there you can see a mage which teleports you to the white lands. Hope i helped.

How does Goku come back after dying on Namek?

Actually he does not die. At the end of the moment when he was going to fall in lava, he saw a ginyu's ship and escapes from namek. And lands on a mysterious planet, and learns instant transmission there only.

What are the release dates for Shorty Lands a Master Crook - 1917?

Shorty Lands a Master Crook - 1917 was released on: USA: 26 March 1917

What actors and actresses appeared in Shorty Lands a Master Crook - 1917?

The cast of Shorty Lands a Master Crook - 1917 includes: Shorty Hamilton as Shorty

What is a Tennant in Chief?

In medieval Europe Tenant-in-Chief was a person who held all his lands and estates under a land tenure directly from the King or ruler to whom he pledged allegiance. A tenant-in-chief did not hold his lands from any other noble man.

Does master chief die in halo reach?

No, he can be seen in an isolation chamber in the last cut scene as an Easter egg in the game. The pillar of autumn takes off from reach, then lands on halo which is where the story of halo 1 begins.

What is created when a meteorite hits a planet?

It depends on the size of the meteor and where it lands. If it is a large meteor that lands on the hard ground, you will get a crater.

What is the definition of Geronimo?

it is an apache chief who resisted white encroachment on tribal lands.

Who became a great chief ruling lands between the mountains and the wood?


What lands on the surface of another planet to collect and analyze data in space?

A "lander"

What is the movie where the astronaut lands on an alien planet and the alien has to keep him a secret?

John Carter

What is the difference between an orbiter and a lander?

The answer is in the question.An orbiter orbitsA lander lands.Basically an orbit will orbit the planet/moon while the lander lands on the surface.

What is the differnce between Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST?

halo 3 odst is basically about an orbital drop shock trooper who crash lands on earth. I don't know what the main missions are but I know that you don't play as master chief. try and go on wikipedia for more answers or just Google it if you can. ODST u play as a marine so u can jump really high or anything master chief could do but for multi player u can and will play as a spartan

What is a meteroright?

METEOROID*. It's just like a meteor. It shoots down to a planet with high enough gravitational pull, then it crash lands on said planet.

Who was the Creek chief who was bribed to sign a treaty giving up all creek lands?

William McIntosh

Is Captain Olimar an alien?

Technically, yes; he is an alien on the planet he crash-lands on. He is a native of Hocotate.

Portion of the planet in which all life exists?

The portion of the planet in which all life exists is called the biosphere. It includes all the lands, bodies of waters and the atmosphere.

What is the planet of the Pikmin called?

There is no official name for it. The game refers to it as "The Planet of Pikmin" or "Pikmin Planet." In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is referred to as the "Distant Planet." However, it isn't hard to figure out that Olimar actually crash-lands on Earth.

What has the author Harcourt Master written?

Harcourt Master has written: 'The particular and inventory of all and singular the lands, tenements, and hereditaments, goods, chattels, debts, and personal estate whatsoever, of Sir Harcourt Master, ... Together with the abstract of the same'

Which Indian chief won a case in the Supreme Court which was supposed to allow his people to keep their lands?

John Ross

Could you land on Jupiter?

No, you cant land on it because it is a gas planet. And anything that lands on it will go through