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THE COLOR 905 IS CALLED ~ CARNIVAL RED ~ . IT WAS ALSO KNOWN AS ANOTHER NAME BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS EXACTLY, BUT I BELIEVE IT WAS KNOWN AS ~ RALLY RED ~ AND WAS MADE FROM 1969 THROUGH 1973 OR LATER UNTIL IT WAS BASICALLY RENAMED SOMETHING ELSE. -- Added 11/8/08 -- The name I have heard most often for 905 is 'Monte Carlo Red'. This color was only used in the US on 240Zs for 1970-71 model years. For the 1972 and later model years the color was reformulated to be a bit more orange-red, the newer color was code 110.

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Q: What is the NAME of the exterior red 905 color used on 240z in 1971?
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