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What is the NJ state law on wages garnishing?

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I don't know the $$ amount they can take. That's based on you salary and rent. However, they can and will garnish you salary if you owe child support or fines. If you quit your job because of this, they will send out a bench warrent and arrest you. I know this because I have an ex-husband that tried this. I hope I answered your question. If not, post it again and someone else may have a better answer.

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How much can your wages be garnished in NJ?

State and federal laws mandate how much wages can be garnished in New Jersey. Creditors can take up to 25% of wages in New Jersey.

Are lost wages taxed in settlement in NJ?

If identified as wages, taxed both Federal & State. The wages would have been taxed if paid without settlement wouldn't they? (The "lost" part isn't taxed).

What reasons are there to garnish wages in NJ?

There are a few reasons why wages can be garnished in the state of New Jersey. Reasons include back child support, back alimony, or back taxes.

If you live in NJ and work in Pa can your wages be garnished for credit card debtin NJ?

Yes, your wages can be garnished wherever you work for a debt. Generally, wages are not approved to be garnished for unsecured debt.

Is it NJ state law that pierced earrings cannot be returned?

I doubt that there is a "law" but there may be a Health Department regulation that forbids it.

Why is it illegal to pump your own gasoline in nj?

State law prohibits it - supposedly for 'safety' reasons.

Can psychologists prescribe medication in NJ?

NO. Only a psychiatrist may prescribe medication in the state of NJ. Because a psychiatrist is labeled as an M.D. whereas a psychologist is not. There are only a few states that allow psychologists to prescribe medication, and NJ is not one of them. Although, many believe there is a great chance this law will eventually change, not only for the state of NJ, but for most if not every state.

What state was NJ?

NJ, the abbreviation of New Jersey, is The Garden State.

Where do I find a contract law attorney in Newark, NJ?

There are many law firms in Newark NJ as there many counties during this city. So, finding the finest Contract Law Attorney might be difficult for a layman. Depending on your location Newark NJ, I recommend Moldovan Law Firm for Contract Law Attorney.

Can an attorney admitted in New York practice in New Jersey?

There are several requirements for practicing law in NJ, if the attorney is only licensed in NY he can not practice law in another state unless he is licensed in that state as well. NJ requirements are listed here:

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If tou are a resident of NJ, then you apply in NJ.

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Can wages be garnished from a joint account when one party isn't involved with the debt in NJ and the state garnished wages from one party for child support the other party isn't involved in the case.?

Yes, you should open up a separate checking/savings account in just your name only.

Can they garnish your wages for credit cards if you are a NJ police officer?


What is the longest highway in NJ?

The longest state highway in NJ is Route 47.

NJ rent control law In Hunterdon County?

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