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The name of a shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides is a triangular prism. The common pup tent has this shape.

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Q: What is the Name of shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides?
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What is the name of a shape which has two triangular sides and three rectangular sides?


What is a triangular prism-?

a triangular prism is a prism that has two triangular figures and three rectangular shapes.

What three dimensional shape has two sides triangular and the other three rectangular?

it is a right triangular prism it is a knd of polyhedron

Does a triangular prism has three triangular sides?

No it has 3 rectangular sides

What 3D shape have two are triangles and three are rectangles?

You are describing a triangular prism. It has a rectangular base, two rectangular sides and two triangular ends.

What 3d shape has two triangular and three rectangular faces?

triangular prism

Does a triangular prism have rectangular and triangular faces?

The answer is both. A rectangular prism will have two triangular bases, with three rectangles forming the sides that connect the sides of the triangles together. Like this: . . . . . . / \ \ / \ \ / . . \ . . . .\

Im a shape you have two triangular bases and three rectangular bases?

A triangular prism.

What is a three dimensional shape with triangular faces and one rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid

What is a shape that has three-dimensional shape and one rectangular face and four triangular faces?

A rectangular-based pyramid.

What are the differences between a triangular pyramid and a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is a four sided 3D shape. All four sides are triangles. It resembles a 'traditional' pyramid, like the ones in Egypt. A triangular prism is a five sided 3D shape. It consists of two identical triangular sides connected by three identical rectangular sides. think of it as a cylinder with triangles on the ends and three sides instead of a smooth surface.

What is a shape with 5 faces?

A shape with 5 sides is a pentagon.However, the term face is only applied to three-dimensional forms,and a shape (solid) with 5 faces is a pentahedron.There are no regular pentahedrons. The two forms are the square pyramid and the triangular prism. The former has 4 triangular sides and a square or rectangular base; the latter has 3 rectangular (or square) faces and two triangular ends.

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