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What is the National Hurricane Center?

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The National Hurricane Center is a division of the Tropical Prediction Center in the United States National Weather Service. They handle all tropical activity for the eastern North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean basins and issue all watches and warnings regardless of potential impact on United States land. They are located on the campus of Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

During hurricane season (June 1 - November 30), they issue tropical outlooks every 6 hours available on their website (see related link). When a tropical depression forms, they offer a number of different products for tracking and prediction of the storm, including discussion and model forecasts. The current deputy director is Edward Rapapport.

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Who named hurricane sandy?

Hurricane Sandy was named by the National Hurricane Center.

Who is the director of the national hurricane center?

Bill Read.

Was there a hurricane Zach?

No, because the national hurricane center does not have a list of names for the letter "z"

Who do the hurricane hunters give data to?

They give data to the meteorologists of the National Hurricane Center.

Who discovered Hurricane Katrina?

Even before it got a name, the precursor to hurricane Katrina was tracked by the National Hurricane Center.

What city is the national hurricane center located in?

Miami, Florida

Who coordinates information requests between emergency managers and the National Hurricane Center?

Hurricane Liaison Team

Can a air plane go in a hurricane center?

Yes. In fact it is fairly common for the National Hurricane Center to fly planes into hurricanes to take measurements.

Where can you track hurricanes?

Go on the internet and type in 'National Hurricane Center'

Where is the national weather hurricane center loactaed in the US?

Miami, Florida.

Were is the national hurricane center located?

It is located in Coral Gables Flarida

Why cant you track hurricanes?

You can. The National Hurricane Center monitors both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for hurricane activity.

The National Hurricane Center is a part of what organization?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is a part of the Department of Commerce.

What website should you go on to track hurricane sandy?

You should go to the National Hurricane Center. see the link below.

Who decides what the hurricanes name is?

Hurricane names are decided by the National Hurricane Center working in conjunction with the World Meteorological Organization.

Where is the national hurricane center located?

Florida International University in Miami, Florida

What is the name of the most recent hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean according to the national hurricane center?

As of September 22, 2012 the most recent Atlantic hurricane was Nadine.

Where do the hurricane names come from and who names them?

Hurricane names are chosen from a predetermined list that is maintained by the National Hurricane Center, which also names the hurricanes that occur under its jurisdiction.

Who decides what the tornadoes are named?

Tornadoes are not named. Hurricanes are named by the National Hurricane Center.

When did hurricane Irene strike?

Irene is currently ongoing, and hitting the Bahamas on August 25. You can track it at the National Hurricane Center link below.

How close does a hurricane have to be in order for the national hurricane center to issue a warning?

It is not so much a matter of proximity as it is a matter of time. A hurricane warning is issued if hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours.

What is in the center of a hurricane?

The center of a hurricane is an area of calm winds called the eye of the hurricane.

Where is the national hurricane center for the Caribbean located?

Florida inter nation university in Miami Florida

What are the top three US states for hurricane landfalls?

According to the National Hurricane Center, the top three US states for hurricane landfalls are southern states. These are Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

Are there hurricanes today?

As of July 31, 2012 no. However the National Hurricane Center is tracking a disturbance that may develop into a hurricane in the next few days.