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"Cake table" or "reception table" are the only names that come to mind.


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yes she did and the motorbike got caught on the table where the cake was and the cake fell of the table

The Bible, itself, says nothing about wedding cakes.

Somewhere that is clearly visible from a distance, but not easily accesible

You could have each table themed as a favorite superhero and then decorate the centerpiece either in their colors or with models of that superhero. Or you could have pictures of the superheroes with the bride and groom faces. You could have a wedding cake on each table and have comicbook characters as cake toppers and then instead of cutting one cake you could go round and cut each cake with each table.

You could try to recreate their wedding cake. It would be thoughtful and from the heart. You could do the same design and flavor as their original cake or you could do a modern twist of it and have their pictures placed on the wedding cake. Recreate the "first bite" picture 50 years later.

You can have wedding cupcakes - sometimes the top layer of a wedding cake can be included.

The colors of your wedding and wedding cake reflect the brides purity which is why classic white is typically the main color

A simple wedding cake would cost from about $600-800.

The average wedding cake costs about $400.

The Bible does not speak of any wedding cake.

no .. a wedding cake can be lots of layers

Amazing Wedding Cakes - 2008 Skull Wedding Cake Butterfly Wedding Cake Green Anniversary Cake 1-4 was released on: USA: 28 September 2008 Hungary: 23 January 2010

getting the slice of wedding cake with the ring in it

how many cake recipes and cook time for a large wedding cake pan

After the wedding meal.

That depends on the number of people attending the wedding. A wedding cake baker can tell you more.

Most cake shops and some bakeries offer wedding cake toppers. Wedding cake toppers can also be purchased at stores such as David's Bridal and Party City.

A fun way to include games into a wedding party is to have them as your table canterpieces, you could have a gift box filled with table top games for your guests to enjoy and break the ice if they don't know each other. These could be games from your childhood - tiddlywinks, blow football, jacks, dominoes - anything you can play at the table. You could even have Lego in the box and challenge each table to make a wedding cake, a bride and groom and anything else that fits your wedding theme! The first table to complete the list could win a prize.

* It depends what type of cake your wedding cake is. Most cakes can be frozen. The traditional wedding cake was fruit cake soaked in Brandy and it could stay in the crock (no icing on it) for several months. For other cakes they can be frozen, but it's best to ask a baker how long one can freeze the cake if it's a white or chocolate cake or one with strawberries in it.

Traditionally all the layers of a wedding cake was made with fruit cake, but nowadays it can be anything, from chocolate cake to vanilla cake.

Often they do, or they toast immediately after cutting the cake.

The groom's cake is actually for the wedding; it is in addition to the wedding cake. But, you can certainly serve cake at the bachelor party, too!

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