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The PUK code is specific to the phone number not the phone. To get the PUK code you need to call into customer care


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Samsung SGH-T105G need the puk code

The PUK is whatever you set it as ! WE cannot help you !

A PUK code does not come with a phone, it is a code to unlock your SIM card if you forgot your PIN.

Every chip has a different PUK code. You will need to call customer service

It is different for every phone.

first go to the o2 homepage then find help or type in the search box my puk code then at the bottom type in your phone number then type the puk code into your phone and write it somewhere safe

The PUK is unique to each handset - and is supplied by the network provider to the registered owner of the phone.

If you are being asked for the PUK code or the PIN code, then your service provider to have them assist you with that. You can only obtain the PUK or PIN code from the service provider.

PUK codes are specific to your SIM card, not your phone. You need to go to contact your phone company to get your phone unlocked.

Idk cuz i have the 2 version i axadently turned on the puk code i tured it off and it stil has it on coould u hack it or not n wat is the puk code for 1 and 2 hurry cuz i miss texting

I had the same problem yesterday. You should ring up the car-phone warehouse or where ever you got it and it will give you an option to give you the PUK code of your phone after you have answered.

You have to call your company because they have the code.PUK code is not a general number it's something they have to provide.

there isn't any pecific one its to ur own phone

Puk code for android optimus 1

There's no puk code for the phone. You need to have your sim card's puk code

samsung solstice by far is better samsung behold is garbage

Impossible to answer ! The PUK is stored on the phone company's computer system. Each PUK is randomly applied to a small number of customers. You would need to contact the phone company itself.

lg 620 what the puk code pls

puk code of sumsung galaxy ys5360

Go to the O2 website. then go to help. after that click on the bit that says unblock my mobile. Go to the bottom of the pageand type your mobile no. where it says. Then it will send you your PUK code. Hope this helps!!

Only your service provider can give you that information ! If you attempt to enter a wrong PUK 10 times, your SIM will be locked - and you'll have to get the phone company to unlock it.Your phone company should provide you with the PUK for free.

PUK codes can only provided by the network provider or carriers. You can get tha by calling them or checking the papers or box that came with the SIM card you're using.

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