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The proper abbreviation is Ph.D. and it literally means philosophy doctor . . . in truth is is an academic doctorate in what ever your chosen area of study, e.g. a Ph.D. in English or a Ph.D. in Physics.

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John Smith, Ph.D.

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Q: What is the Proper abbreviation for Ph.D following the name?
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What abbreviation do you put behind a name of a person that is a Ph.D candidate?

Some use PhD(c)

What does sj degree stand for?

"Society of Jesus" Jesuits use the abbreviation. The president of Loyola University Chicago uses it after his name on letters to the student body instead of PhD, though he has a PhD.

How do you use the abbreviation Ph.D in a sentence correctly?

i have a PhD in....

Proper form of address for a PhD?


What does the abbreviation Ph.D mean in gold ring?

phd on a 10 k gold ring

What is proper salutation for a PhD?

If being formal, he/she is referred to as doctor.

If you have the abrevisation Dr in front of a name is it correct or incorrect to also have MD or Ph.D after the name?

First, you do not use both. Typically, when work related the abbreviation follows the name. For example, John Williams MD. Or John Williams PhD.

What is the abbreviation for doctorate?

It is Dr without a period. It is form and good manners to capitalize titles. Dr. is the abbreviation for Drive. It can also be PhD, for the highest degree in doctoring in college.

What is the proper salutation for a psychologist?

Most psychologists have obtained a PhD. within the psychology field. Therefore, when addressing a psychologist the most proper salutation is to call them Doctor (insert last name here).

How should a letter to a Ph.D be addressed?

What is the proper salutaion for a PhD in a letter

If you don't have your PhD can you use Dr in front of your name?

Absolutely not! You would be impersonating someone you are not, which under a number of circumstances can lead to legal issues, prosecution, dismissal from organizations, a ruined reputation, etc.

What is the proper way to address an envelope for a Ph.D?

Mr. Robert Pollack, PhD.