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What is the RAF?

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It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

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Which raf squodrons use euofihters?

6 Squadron RAF Leuchars3 Squadron RAF Coningsby17 Squadron RAF Coningsby29 Squadron RAF Coningsby11 Squadron RAF Coningsby

Where is the RAF base in Anglesey?

There are two, RAF Valley and RAF Mona.

What nicknames does Raf Rogers go by?

Raf Rogers goes by Raf, and Hafa.

What are the names of the raf fighter group 12 airfields used during World War 2?

RAF Fighter Command 194012 GroupHeadquarters - RAF WatnallSector AirfieldsRAF Digby.RAF Duxford.RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey.RAF Wittering.Fighter AirfieldsRAF Coltishall.RAF Leconfield.RAF Tern Hill.For more detail see http://www.raf.mod.uk/bob1940/12group.html John Woods

What is the Percentage of Pilots in the RAF?

About 1% of the RAF are pilots, only 5% of the RAF get to fly in a plane.

What is the birth name of Raf Reymen?

Raf Reymen's birth name is Raf van Caeneghem.

When was RAF Regiment created?

RAF Regiment was created in 1942.

What is RAF Fylingdales's motto?

RAF Fylingdales's motto is 'Vigilamus'.

What is the motto of RAF Uxbridge?

RAF Uxbridge's motto is 'Latin'.

What is RAF Stradishall's motto?

The motto of RAF Stradishall is 'Latin'.

What is RAF Neatishead's motto?

RAF Neatishead's motto is 'Latin:'.

What is the motto of RAF Swinderby?

The motto of RAF Swinderby is 'Latin'.

What was a RAF pilot in World War 2?

an RAF pilot was a person who flew an aircraft in battle.Another ViewAn RAF pilot was a pilot who worked for the Royal Air force (RAF).

Who is the RAF?

The RAF is anyone who works within the Royal Air Force.

What is the motto of RAF Gibraltar?

The motto of RAF Gibraltar is 'Guard the Gateway'.

What is RAF Regiment's motto?

The motto of RAF Regiment is 'Per Ardua'.

What is RAF Gütersloh's motto?

The motto of RAF Gütersloh is 'Vallis Vesperis'.

What is RAF Wildenrath's motto?

RAF Wildenrath's motto is 'Immer Bereit'.

What is the motto of RAF Nicosia?

The motto of RAF Nicosia is 'In Quadrivio Paratus'.

What is the motto of RAF Gan?

The motto of RAF Gan is 'En Route'.

What is the motto of RAF Geilenkirchen?

RAF Geilenkirchen's motto is 'Celer Respondere'.

What is the motto of RAF Bruggen?

The motto of RAF Bruggen is 'To Seek and Strike'.

What is the motto of RAF Aldergrove?

The motto of RAF Aldergrove is 'Ours to hold'.

What is RAF Upavon's motto?

The motto of RAF Upavon is 'In the Beginning and Always'.

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